halftone 101

  • by Zantar
  • posted Feb 26, 2007

The technique of using large halftones by printing at really low line screens has been done for a long time. The aesthetic waned, but I'm glad to see it back. The establishment of halftone prior to print production streamlines the process especially if the designer is not the printer. This is a really nice piece.

Watch this



halftones DO rock.
Does anyone know how to make VECTOR halftones? Like turning a gradient in Illustrator into dots -NOT on printout, but keeping it in illustrator. (Motel 6 logo, OneBeacon Insurance logo) I've been trying literally for years and can't figure it out.
your the best, I love you.


The only thing I can think is to take it into photoshop to make the dots then trace in illustrator..



open or create art in photoshop - 300dpi
image mode grayscale
image mode bitmap
select your bitmap method - halftone screen
frequency is the size of the halftone - mess with that until your happy
import bitmap file into cs2 - live trace halftones for vector art

DarkSkies Teleflux

Unfortunately, I don't think people on here "get" halftones.


For serious vector halftone dots:


Top notch! These are clean and circular. Perfect for cutting on the vinyl plotter. I know, im a sign man that is about to wrap an '08 xB. Worth the $1.

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