Ye Olde Minstrel Cycle

Note that "Olde" is spelled with an 'e', and as we all know, anything spelled with an extra 'e' is of the highest quality. So, when you are "shoppe-ing" you should consider this shirt that portrays the life of the "Middle Aged" woman.

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Kellabell9 profile pic Alumni

Note that "Olde" is spelled with an 'e', and as we all know, anything spelled with an extra 'e' is of the highest quality. So, when you are "shoppe-ing" you should consider this shirt that portrays the life of the "Middle Aged" woman.


LOL! phenominal! love the play on words. great colors too. $5!!! (i love the towns people too, maybe you can add them on)




ahahaha. i. love. this.
i want it.


Oh Oh I want to be first:




$5 without the text... sorry for the comment spam


without the text, it would just be a minstrel on a unicycle, and the play on words would be lost.


Yeah, some people would get it, most probably wouldn't get it... but I don't want the words "minstrel cycle" on my shirt.


wouldn't wear it, but it's text would be more of an inside joke


Argh, pun. I'm laughing - but I don't think I'd be able to wear this.


Ahaha, that took me a minute...


$5 without the text. It;s not funny if you have to explain it. Might be even better with 2 of them riding a tandem Minstrel Cycle.


I love your comment with the 'olde' it won me over.
I think its perfect with the text and actually like it on the natural like colour which is rare for me.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni people on this site REALLY think people will get what this means without the text?!?! Not even a professor of medievel linguistics would understand what a person playing a guitar on a unicycle was going for without the text. The point is you see the picture first and are bewildered, you then look down to see the text, then look up again to finally understand what is going on with the shirt. Or you can just have the picture on your shirt which no one will understand. I like when people work a little hearder understanding my tee, but man...some of you guys want them to dedicate an entire summer locating your t-shirt's roesetta stone to uncover its mystery. 3 by the way...nice obscure play on words.


this rocks and i would wear it all the time. espcially when going to the Renaissance Faire. bravo!


If this got printed, the men's shirts would be in stock until the end of time.


yeah, this is pretty hilarious, but it does need the text to go. And in response to Frickinawesome, half of the fun might be having people walk up and say "What is that supposed to be?"


brilliant. not sure if it'll get worn, but flipping brilliant.


Look, it's <del>fucking</del> just retarded to wear text that sounds like "mentrual cycle" -- you'd just get looks of disgust. Like eaglejon said, the fun is in it being a little secret that a few clever people will get, and you can just giggle a lot when people try to figure it out.


oops sorry about the language




I'm with J-Ray. Lose the text and I'll give it $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

What I like most in this design isn't even printed on the shirt- the crowd in the presentaion.


not just the extra e but the "me" as well, as in programme.

thumbs up

Kellabell9 profile pic Alumni

I wanted to put the crowd in, but it just made the shirt too busy. Thanks for the kind words!


I like it with the crowd - even if just on one side near the side seam... 5$ though


Wow, I can't believe people still complained about the text after FRICKENAWESOME's comment. I agree completely with FA - the text IS the shirt. Without the text, the entire concept is lost. I swear, sometimes I think some of the people who comment are illiterate and text, no matter how long, offends them on a personal level. Jeez.



Yes, without the text here, the design is pointless. It definitely needs the explanation to make it work.

She Says So

this is hysterical. and yet i cant bring myself to score it higer than 2.


Shep, I dont' like the text for a couple of reasons 1) as a female I dont' want to have the words "Minstral Cycle" on my chest as I can hear my brothers taking the piss out of me now 2) I like the idea of the illustration being my private little joke 3) I just know that when I wore it (and I do love the illustration) everyone would read the text and take it that I was advertising the fact that I currently had my period, and would then use it as an excuse to belittle and deride me, as men seem to do all too often. I'm sure that every woman who frequents this site has often expressed dissatisfaction or unhappiness with something only to be asked if she's moody because she's "on the blob".

As a man, would you like to wear a shirt with the words "Itchy Scrotum" or "Inconvenient erection" on the front? Actually you probably would...


I would DEFINATELY wear an "Itchy Scrotum" shirt! LOL! Nice, klilyth!


This is awesome... I love it!

Regarding the text, I think a MAJORITY of people who complain about the no text issue do it because it's "cool." They want to pretend to be real graphic designers and they heard somewhere (probably here) that designs that rely on text don't have merit. Well, congratulations for passing Intro to Graphic Design, now shut up and step into the real world. Yes, sometimes designs with text aren't strong enough to stand on their own, but that isn't the case with everything. Stop pretending to be the authority on design rules and just look at how awesome everything works on this shirt.




so there. ;-p

Great design, but with the text, I would not be caught dead wearing it. I wouldn't even wear it on the day when I have an OB-GYN appointment. Sorry.


Funny, I agree, no text. That's really funny

Kellabell9 profile pic Alumni

TopazLJF, how I love you so!
And as far as people being grossed out, sorry but I like others around me to be as uncomfortable by my presence as possible.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You no text people kill me, really! So you want the shirt to be "your little joke"? Yeah, that's why i wear clever t-shirts, to annoy and cofuse the shit out of everybody with my obtuse and completely random shirts. Oh, and the shirt doesn't say menstrual cycle, it says minstrel!!!! So you don't have that offending word on your shirt, just a clever pun close to it. Also, if you don't want the text on there b/c you are embarrassed by those words, how embarressed are you and others gonna be when they ask you what your shirt means and you have to say the words to them? You STILL have a menstrual cycle pun on your shirt no matter what, so why hide the fact and let everyone in on the joke. If you like the pun enough to buy the shirt, why wouldn't you want people to know what it means? Mark my words, NO ONE would get this joke if the text wasn't on it. Sheesh. Sorry to get so heated over this topic, it's just my number one pet peeves of people who already know what it is by the ttext and then demand it stripped down, making the shirt lose any form of comprehension. I'll get off my soap box now.


I would like to see the townspeople on the shirt as well :-)


Very clever shirt! And I definitely vote for keeping the text. Women menstruate, get over it... it's not some horrible, disgusting secret. If you're willing to whisper it behind your hand to anyone who inquires, tittering all the while like you're in grade school, what difference does it make if you have it in a clever play on words right on the shirt itself?

Can't shake the feeling that half the 'eww, no text!' people can't say the word 'vagina' without whispering it... if you don't like it, don't buy or wear it. I'll be happy to!


I don't think the croud would make the T too busy, if their legs & mid torso were cropped off and they were added to the bottom edge of the T. (Sust a Juggestion)


That's so funny. Too funny xD Too bad I wouldn't have the nerve to wear it :( Great idea, though! xD


I really like your design and think you have truly recaptured the tapestry arts.


Its really a bit of a period piece, no? Clever!


I think the people pointing should also be on the shirt

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