the only living boy in new york

Watch this

good song, good shirt.
black looks odd.


The black shirt doesn't work because the white sky
appears to be glop oozing down the shirt


Like the left design better. Would also work on a color tee


yeah i'm gonna agree with you all on the no black thing.


i actually like the black--feels more isolating for the boy.


I think the black would work with thicker linework.

The Pandaman

I like the left, but the right is okay if you dont have dumb friends who will think you spilled milk over your chest.


I love Simon and Garfunkel, and especially this song. Can't believe hardly anyone knew it before Garden State :( Very cool tee, better in white, the black just looks the the only living boy in a sea of goo. :)


Good song, Good shirt.
If you've seen garden state the song is in it, the shirt reminds me of the movie a bit.
I'd wear it.


the black works to show the theme of the shirt, but it took me a while to realize the sky was not flowing goo


Nice song, nice shirt. :)

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woah...the black shirt makes it seem like there's a white splotch on the front of the shirt before it morphs into an image before your very eyes...doing it on a white shirt would kill the main thrust of the energy the shirt builds up. I like its all-over-the-place-ness in reflection to the isolation the shirt is going for.


I like the black shirt better, because I don't like white shirts, but on the black version you left out some of the highlights on the buildings, that made them more obvious they were buildings.


not liking the light, thin grey lines...its hard to tell they're buildings, but than again, the black shirt is rather hard to depict anyway cause the white totally dominates the work


white shirt with black design


better on white! yepyep!


cool, but not liking it on the black either.




oh they are buildings behind him. took me a few seconds. so, maybe deifne the buildings a bit more. other then that ok guess :)


The black tee looks weird - I wish it worked, because it'd make the boy stand out that much more, but it just doesn't. Makes me think of a money shot gone wrong or something.

The buildings need to be made a little more buildingish, right now they're just too blobby to recognize as buildings in a hey-look-at-that-guy's-shirt time limit.


Yeah - I agree too about the black - actually looks like the San Damiano cross!!!!!!!
but you are so creative!
You can design the language one - name of school - planet - 2 languages - something to signify unity of them....aahhhh!


Like the white, but gray would be nice. Good job.


no on black. people will focus more on the white area than on the black.


i like the looks of the boy, but the buildings are very blob.


ya the black lloks bad but the white looks sweet. great song. great shirt $5

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That poor kid has no legs!


It took me a while to not see the white as oozy stuff.


Although I got it sorted out pretty quickly, I also think it looks too much like goo. Maybe a few lights on the building would make it more obvious? I really like the overall design though.


Oh wow. The white one is sooo much better. It's like night and day. The black one made my eyes hurt a little. And yes, it did look like goo.


I disagree with abbster. the black is so much more powerful $5 for the black one.


the black doesn't work for me. i like the white, not sure i'd buy it though. 5


On the black it took me ages to notice the skyline.

White is nice. :)


Oh - that song is so Garden State and so are all of you. Like the shirt a lot.

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On the black shirt, the negative space is intense o_o; I like it, but it is truly odd, and hard to see at first.


Actually, I prefer the black shirt.


awesome -i think the black could be done if you redid it. add more white to shape the buildings a little more like on the left tee. i'd buy! ^_^


i'd like it better in color---the black looks weird, otherwise its good


k...... the fact that you made a shirt about this song makes me SOOOOOOOO happy! its like the best song ever. but, i dunno, the shirts pretty good, it just needs some suble changes that im not sure about. but ya, awesome idea.


Looks like someone vomitted white out on the tee.


I'm pretty sure I have to own this shirt for the simple fact that I'm listening to that song right now and I was singing that line right as I read the title of the design.... I'll probably buy 7 of them.

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