we are both going home

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Wow... I am digging the simplicity of this one. Makes me sleepy just looking at it. Reminds me of those long drives home.


The yellow lines stand out on the dark color but everything else is kinda hard to see. I love the concept, tho.


nice idea, maybe make the colors a little brighter


You know, at first glance, I didn't like it at all, but, once seeing it shown on the shirt I like it very much. The black shirt shown looks a bit more like the charcoal color, which I think would look wonderful... would embody the last light of the day, as it seems you're going for.



...maybe thickening up the lines a bit would help the visibility problem people seem to be having?

I don't have any problem seeing it all on the shirt... perhaps it's a monitor thing.


very cool - i've got tons of photos that almost look like that


i do like this, but i first read the purple sky as a big ass tornado. there may not be any way to fix it, b/c scribbling in the greenery to the far left and right of the road would mess up the vehicles... but just a thought. maybe change the purple color to blue or something? i don't know...


this does so much with so little. good stuff!


ya, this is unbelivably beautiful for how simple it is. i totally love it.


love it on the charcoal shirt!!! $5


If all of my major highways were constructed out of foliage, would my car have clippers instead of tires?


I could be grossly wrong, but it looks like you used 6 colors in the photo and 5 in the large illustration. In the photo, the plane and cars look darker than the shirt color and that's why it reads better (and why everyone likes it better). Maybe the colors are tricking me though...I like the shirt a lot.


i was driving home from the airport at dusk, and kept thinking about how how i could get it in 5 colors. it is intentionally hard to see because the road lines were brightly reflective and everything else was dull.

rachachah, the big picture is only 5 colors, but you are right, i made a mistake with the tshirt and the cars and plane are a little darker because i used a black shape to cover the lines instead of erasing that section. because the shirt is not a true black, they showed a little darker, i'd fix that issue if this printed.


black. awesome. $5.


oh wow! I like the fact that I have to really look at it to get everything :] Awsome shirt!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i didn't really like the design at a glance but it looks great on the shirt.


Awesome!.. looks very real at a glance.


i like the black

travis76 profile pic Alumni

man, yeah, after my trip to DC in the rain at 3am last year, i was inspired to do a shirt like this, but never got around to it. good job!


I LOVE this. It's one of those things where your eye rec0gnizes the scene immediately, but you have to really look to see the details. Great style, colors and placement. Will be a must-buy for me.


love this but maybe not so near the bottm

The Ringleader

I absolutely love it. I'd buy it on black (or a charcol color).


Oh my gosh. I didn't even realize those were cars until I saw them on the shirt.

This is a really neat design, and I love it on charcoal!!!


I gave you a 5, but I would like to see it placed on the chest area..


I love the sketchiness. $5.

Cat in the Hat

i love the sketchiness and it looks great on the shirt...$5


Love it. Reminds me of the cover of Can't Slow Down.


this is just amazing 5$


looks really great on the shirt


i really like this, nice, 5$

travis76 profile pic Alumni

it'd be cool to see this stitched as opposed to printed.


I love this one, it's so perfectly simple. That and night driving is one of my favorite things to do in life. The black is better than the forest green.


I agree that this would be great stitched instead of printed. But printed wouldn't be bad either. I prefer a charcoal shirt over black. Like the one in your design.


When I first glanced at this, I thought the sky was a twister. But now I see it, and LOVE IT!!!

(I think it was just me that saw that. I do live in Oklahoma, so that might be the first thing that pops into my head for a reason.)


I like the design, but I think I would move it up a little on the shirt. Maybe that's just me...


i love this, and i just noticed the airplane...
this is a great idea!


I like it on the black; the colors show up a bit better. $5!


amazing design and placement. keep it on the charcoal shirt for sure, gives it the dusk/night look and fits the design best. $5, etc.

Vaden III

black for sure. nice style


Wow. Wonderful style. I get a first/last light of day on the road, lonely kinda vibe from it that I really like and can relate to. $5


This is a sharp design with good colours so it works very nicely.

is a gunslinger

needs to be printed in black or charcoal. 5$


I love this. The charcoal color pictured I like much better than true black. It's a great design.


The charcoal has 6 colors :(... The plane and cars are filled in... too bad... Other than that.. awesome $4


i wanted to stay.


thats stellar, especially on the charcoal.


much better on the shirt, nice one!

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