Deja Vu

i did this as a part of a series of graphic representations that I did of my polaroid camera.

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i did this as a part of a series of graphic representations that I did of my polaroid camera.


It's cute, maybe a little smaller though.


the Polaroid on a Polaroid picture works even
better with colors other than black and white
-- neat idea ! :)


I would try using the t-shirt color as the background of the photograph (but I'm not sure that pink is the best choice).

melh696 profile pic Alumni

i like.


make it a bit small..


smaller graphic and please god not on pink, otherwise 5$


Smaller, centered on chest (or bottom left of shirt) and on pale blue and you are laughing all the way to the bank!


I love polaroids so it starts as a five. It's too big for my taste and it's on pink which makes me spit bile, so it drops to 3 for me. Good luck though.


A little more coloring or shading in the picture and maybe a new shirt color and this is a 5! Good job and idea!

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But R G's "I Can't Draw" design already lord us over when it comes to camera designs.


Yeah... much too similar to I Can't Draw.


I like pink shirts, but I don't like how sketched in pencil the polaroid camera looks. Very unfinished.


i agree...smaller would be nice. Less is more. Like the illustration, fun style.


thanks for all the feedback, i was wondering how do i go about re-submitting a more polished version of this? one with more colors (any suggestions) and a smaller image.


i love how it's just a line drawing, it's so basic, just like a polaroid.
maybe smaller placement, but pleeease don't color it in.

i want it so bad!

Rosy Posie

too big, but still cool enough to buy. oh, and how 'bout a yellowy-brown that is more like the tint that polaroids print out.


I don't like pink, so change the color & make it smaller & I'd like it.


pros: fantastic illustration--i love the skewed lines and concept.
cons: needs color, needs to be smaller, and ditch the pink.
take care of those cons and i'd buy. nice work. $4


This is dejavu of another design that won.


smaller camera please!


Make the changes you think would work according to these comments and submit it to the "Critique" section, where more people can make comments and you can continue improving in new versions, then when you think it's ready/people say it's ready you can submit it to the competition.


No pink.
I think the size is fine though.


I like, but not on pink. I think it would work well on: white, grey, black, green, or blue.


smaller, but I don't mind the pink.


AH i love polariod cameras....and i love that it's on a polaroid picture! and i like the pink but i agree that it would look good on blue as well

Kay the Great

smaller, definately. On maybe pale blue or mint green. center placement. $4

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