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I know it says this blog shouldnt be used for customer service inquiries but I felt I might get some more relevant answers from the customers themselves. Theres lot of info on the site with regard sizes etc. but I just wanted to know what people (more so guys) would recommend, size wise, for a 5'10" skinnyish built guy ( me :) ). I like tightish fitting tshirts with shortish sleeves...i think you get the idea so what'dya reckon?
PS: dont forget about the shrink factor !

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i got a 'i heart destroy' in small, thinking my tall thin frame would fit it i wish i had a medium. i don't even wear it anymore.... using every precaution, it shrunk pretty tight. i don't mind the tight in the chest and arms, but it shrunk in hieght too. and is now a belly tee. i've heard the mediums are pretty good, if big in the arms. i guess just wash one hot...

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I had the same problem, but I took a chance and went with a medium. The colored shirts fit great, but my "Who I Am" shirt seems kinda small in the natural color. Does anyone know if this is true for the white shirts as well?

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im about the same height as you and the mediums seem to be a bit short in length and really tight in the arm pit area. im afraid that if i put them in the dryer, they will come out fitting like a belly shirt/ compression shirt.

i would get a large and if its a bit to big, just wash it and put it thru the dryer once or twice.

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