bubble inside

  • by bruner
  • posted Feb 19, 2007

one more! that's in manga style!

thanks everyone!

Watch this

one more! that's in manga style!
thanks everyone!


I like it except her chest is a bit much.


wath is "crits"???


all i can see r her boobs and thong


yea i have to agree with a few ppl here. it's visually stunning until you see her chest poppin out and her thong ridin up on her waist. it takes away all attractiveness and simplistic visual stimulation. maybe you should rethink it.


I actually don't mind her breasts... they're hardly huge or as bared as compared to most in this style, but the thong is a bit trashy.

"Crits" is the critique section, where you can post what you're working on and update it as many times as you want based on people's comments, so your final, submitted work is the best it can be.


agree with above


Ok i know its your style but the proportions are really off her arms are waaaay to long. Nice design though!


thanks everybody!


I don't understand why people get so offended by a chest on show...the way you have drawn this fits into the manga style so it is therefore appropriate for what you are doing.


Is not that seeing breasts shocks me, It's just that the part about bubbles coming out and the funy guy on top of one is being displaced. I think it would look better if a girl was opening the shirt with curiosity


its a great illustration, very manga! but the only thing that i dont like is that the girls seems to have a mustache, that black area up her lips, i know its suppossed to be a shadow, but it looks like if it was a mustache.


She looks very Battle Angel Alita, which is cool. Not sure that I'd wear it, though.


Nice illustration and style. I don't mind the breasts or the thong, it's her torso that sorta bugs me. It's too long from the bottom of her ribcage to the top of her hip bone. I know Manga style exaggerates features, but it looks awkward when her legs are done somewhat realistically and her waist & head aren't. Good job though. Rework and resub!


uh.. people, not all manga styled cartoons = big boobies. :/

so thats totally irrelevant when you say its "alright" to draw it with big boobs since it is in "manga style".

but yeah.. sorry but i have to agree, the proportions are not right.. and the chibi seems out of place..

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