Ghetto Sleigh

Watch this

Well... if you blended the image into the shirt better so that the dog's feet aren't cut off and you don't have that "frame", it would be awesome. Also, I'd prefer it on natural because white is hella lame.

Still, really cool design. 3, for now.


The photo-realism of the dogs compared with the cartoony people in the background doesn't really work for me. I also agree with the suggestions above. Not really seeing the "Big Buck Hunter" connection.

Maybe try posting in the critique section first next time... it's a great way to improve your design!


why is this submitted for big buck hunters?


Ghetto Sleigh

It's a funny concept, but there are problems in its execution and it also probably doesn't entriely fit with the theme of the contest.


yes the styling of the people vs. realistic dogs is very on coherency and i'd score it high - screw the contest


That one dog in the front is crazy looking.... maybe because his feet got chopped off?

La Femme Chiquita

A very talented drawing, but I think a lot of the detail would be lost in screen printing... they can only do so much detail.

dr. loopy94

omg bes design ive seen all day...then again all the other ones ive seen are crap sooo...

dr. loopy94

oooo kudos for doin bmx


Reminds me of the dogs playing poker painting.


You definitely need to not be able to see the rectangular frame of reference. You can easily tell that this was a rectangular composition because you can see the corners and edges. You do realize the front dogs legs are cut off before you caan see his feet, don't you? Was this on purpose, or did you make a mistake when you copied and pasted it onto the shirt template?
Even if those problems were remedied, I still agree with the others about the different styles of the dogs and humans conflicting and not creating a cohesive piece. Also the picture is a little too detailed. Some simplification is definitely needed.


I love this about Threadless !

I would never have seen a ghetto sleigh
being pulled by gigantic dogs if it wasn't
for Threadless.

Yay! for ghetto sleighs on Threadless !


Clean teh lines in photoshop and put them into a transparent layer, ter eis plenty tutorials that explain you this in the internet

bmx bandit

Thankyou for all your comments on my design, this is my first time on threadless and I dont have the computer skills for submiting a design properly. I had help from a friend and it didnt work very well, the dogs feet should not of been chopped off and the boarder was the paper edge and I didnt want it in the buck hunt comp. Its a poor excuse I really want to go back and resubmit the design, my next design will be up to scratch, thanks again for comments Liam.

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