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  • by marcelpan
  • posted Feb 17, 2007

Watch this

I usually zero anything with a signature on it, especially one as self-important as "marcelpan for threadless" but, other than that, I like it, so I'll give you a free pass on these!

Naive Amoeba

Creepy but cool. I quite like the signature, actually. Maybe not the principle of it, but as a piece of typography it works really well.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

nice character, this can make for toys also. good job.


Drop the signature.
Winner's get their names on the inside tag-area, so there's no need for a signature in the design.

But indeed, creepy & cartoony.
(I like it and would have been a 5, but minus 2 for the sig. 3)

ozrict two

man this site never fails to impress me when it comes to weeeerdness


I think these designs would be way better all on one shirt without any text, maybe then you would get more of an impact for what you are saying and since you have so many, could be kinda cool.


please, no sig! I usually zero designs with signatures too.


i love your polution drawing :) original.


i agree with kayne though, they would look cool all on one shirt.


cool pig. what kayne said


ENOUGH ALREADY! this are so simplistic and unoriginal ever since blinky the fish hit the simpsons... and the self credit on the shirt... c'mon?!? your name will be printed with the tag already!


Looks like the Mr Men version of Half Life...


It's cute... but I agree with the signature comments.


I want to like it, but the signature turns me way off every time.

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