The All-American Meal

  • by aled
  • posted Feb 16, 2007

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looks nice man, saw this in the critiques and its turned out great


looks nice man, saw this in the critiques and its turned out great


looks nice man, saw this in the critiques and its turned out great


wow, three comments huh, apologies mate


kkkk!!!! very good!


liked it without color... still a good drawing

andyg profile pic Alumni

Excellent work! 5


too great


Sweeeet! Great take on the contest.


poor kid, I know how he feels.


love it.. love the textures and colors. very clever, i'd wear it.


Beutiful illustration. Love the fence in the backgound really works out great on the Tee.

Ava Adore

0O0O, very nice illus!


finally one in the contest without a deer!
great, love it, $5

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys. I decided to go for a completely different take on the theme so I'm glad you like it. I had some help from the nice people in the critique section, and you can see the development if you click on the link below. Cheers.


AHAHAHA I love it! $5 And I agree w/enzymatic, I LOVE it even more because there are no deer in it. This is totally a winner. Awesome freaking job.


That is a fantastic job on the illustration.


You fixed the dawg. :)

I also like it on green in the critique.


This is great! (pacific blue for me :))


i dont think id buy it but the attention to detail is outstanding and this is such an amazing illustration 5


YES! Every day I dream of a species of bird being discovered that will swoop down and kidnap small children. I love this. $5!!!

R_G profile pic Alumni



Haha! That kid looks like you!!!

The Ending

glad to see this up! Looks great 5$


awesome stuff. Love the development - final piece is just great. 5$ id buy

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very rad concept, indeed. Alfred Hitchock & I approve. I think better thought to scale is in order, though. There's so many cool things happening, and so much action that should be present but at the scale it is now- it's all lost. What I really like is your white keyline around the figures, many times people do that & it give the illustration a flattening effect (like they are stick on decals or something dumb) but the size of stroke you've used actually makes it pop a little. Good work!


Very funny, is the text nessecary though?

aled profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. And thanks for your thoughts on the scale, Somni. I played around for a while with the scale and decided not to go any bigger. It is perhaps deceptive, because printed at the scale shown in the sub, it (obviously) would be many times bigger than the image you see, and I don't think the detail would be lost. As for the text - it's just there to remind everyone of the 'theme' for the Big Buck competition. It is not part of the printable design. :)


Zip to do with Buck Hunter.


Agree with Tim + lose the type. Despite this, nice execution.

jet approves

Jennifer, there isn't any type on the actual shirt. If you look at the little shirt in the corner it's wordless. :)


I'd love it even more if the boy was a little younger! Is that horrible of me to think?

aled profile pic Alumni

I thought it was obvious, particularly as the shadow uses a gradient and it doesn't appear on the shirt version. Also - The Big Buck theme is 'The Great American Hunter', not 'Big Buck' - I hoped I wouldn't have to explain that (!). Thanks to everyone for the feedback.


Fantastic job and great for the comp! Fits the theme perfectly.$5

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