• by Dogma
  • posted Feb 14, 2007

Any thoughts?

Watch this

Any thoughts?


5 colors as canadaian said but overall very good


It's 5 colors. Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and Green. The White is the color of the t-shirt so it doesn't count. :)


this is a cool idea, but the 'N' bothers me. v2 is a huge improvement from v1 :)


But if you don't like white shirts?


If you don't like white shirts then I guess it isn't for you. Why don't you like white shirts? I personally wouldn't want it on anything other than white, even if I had the option. Yes, the colors limit it to only a white shirt. But the same idea is used in say "Star Men in Moons Milk". 5 colors are used in addition to the black that's the shirts color- it works. Likewise, the white shirt color mixes in with the white found in some of the flags.

Just Chillin

This is a really interesting idea. It's not saying anything either. Like it doesn't force any opinion on you. No country is more important than another. Cool.


Added some different flags to make the "N" look more presentable. Moved some more around so that the word really comes through now.

Any other comments or opinions?


I liked it more when it wasn't like a waving flag, that might just be me, but yeah..

Otherwise I like it.

Design inkling

i dont like it cause it does not have the New Zealand flag.


Maybe if you made the N a straight line of flags end to end. I suppose you could also print it on red, yellow, green, blue or black and still meet the restrictions.

The Ending

you can make the trinidad and tobago flag with those colours!! nudge nudge

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

no. and here's why: threadless isn't a gift shop at an airport. someone's grandmother would get them this shirt because she's old and ignorant of fashion aesthetics. and that grandson or daughter would receive the gift and say thanks and put it away in their drawer only to be seen 6 months later when they take it to the goodwill and donate it.

here's another reason why: this doesn't showcase much design skill, only motor skills. and that you can spell, unless you're trying to spell "untie"...and MAYBE that would be worth buying from threadless, even if it is a lame dyslexia joke.

but there is nothing here. and it's political junk too.


I like the concept- it reminds me of a world map tapestry that I saw at the MOMA, but it's a little too boxy for my tastes. It's kinda like a cliche to me too. But I really adore the idea behind it!


aint quite clicking it..i dont like the concept


y'all are tools. i like it just fine logan. good message.


I'd wear this to World Cup matches! But I'll probably never go to one :(

manic mania

I like it and its definetely better as a waving flag, but you have to do something about the N, it stills needs a little work.

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