One Last Cry

Any comments?

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the front legs look strange because they both have the fur of the body above. Erm i mean one needs to be part of the body without the fur above.... damn it. Ok.... what i mean is.... see how the back legs, one is joined to the body wihtout fur and the other isnt. well that makes it look like one is infront and one is behind. You need to do the same for the front legs. Make sense? no? damn it.


in addition, perhaps put a back ground to the image. You have leaves, but put give it some depth

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Needs more emphasis (bolder stroke or different shade of green color) on the bullseye thing-a-ma-bob.

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Also, think about your placement. It look weird smack dab in the middle of the shirt. Keep in mind, lady wearers have a bosom.


yeah the hoofs need work, and feathers of the bird need to be at an angle and somewhat the same color

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