Love Endures Forever

  • by artbrains
  • posted Feb 11, 2007

Inspired by the recent finding of a pair of human skeletons that lie in an eternal embrace at an Neolithic archaeological dig in Italy. Believed to be buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.

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Inspired by the recent finding of a pair of human skeletons that lie in an eternal embrace at an Neolithic archaeological dig in Italy. Believed to be buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago.


I can't believe you made this shirt.
This is great.


This is a crazy design and concept, even better when you know the great story behind it. Maybe not so paisley (feminine) but thats just my preference.


it's a nice design, but considering the news outlets i've seen the story in i'm sure someone must own the rights to that photograph


This is great! LOVE IT!!! In response to "the capt"--I don't think there will be any copyright issues because this is a graphic, which came from the idea of the photo, and it's not the actual photo itself.


I really like it! $5


I just read about this the other day, it's an amazing story, and this is an amazing shirt :) $5


I'd buy on slate for the ladies.


That was such a crazy story. I like that it's not a huge all over design. Me gusta mucho!


I like it alot cousin


I think i will buy one


this reminds me of the Killers music video "Bones" its awesome and has a cool story $5


I love this... all schmopy and lovey but dark at the same time... Ill buy it!


I saw that on the news! What's weird is that about a year ago in Spanish class we read this compilation of mythological stories. One of them was about two lovers who weren't allowed to see each other due to the class difference. Long story short, they got put in a cave and years later they found the skeletons just like that (embracing).

Weird, huh?

Anyway, $5.


I was reading the article about it, and its just an amazing story. I love it. :o)


great idea but i dont like the image behind it. and placement is weird. $5


yay for archaeologically themed t-shirts. awesome. it's a fantastic find. 5!


personally, i feel the whole "grunge brush effect for scream-o band shirt" seems a little played out... but it works for a lot of people.

the message is awesome and there is no doubt that this looks cool, but the originality and effort is a little lacking


I love it when people say that my effort is lacking. That feels awesome. Thank you...


My english teacher showed the news report to my class because we are reading Romeo and Juliet. The bodies were found in Mantua, the city that Romeo escaped to when he was banished. Though the bodies are waaay too old to be them, its still a pretty weird coincedence, dontcha think??

Oh, btw, I like the idea a lot.


Awesome design. Good on grey or black.


I shouldn't be surprised that you would come up with something this awesome... rock!


Oh man I saw that article on Yahoo! news.
Really nice design. =]


This is really sad... Aww...


I remember seeing this in the newspaper, really nice design btw.


Very nice, and nicely done. $5.


i'd like it if the design was bigger and in the center of the shirt.

Monkey III
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Eastpak did it once in a campaign before they found skeletons. That's not really true, cause they found people in this position centuries ago too. Who knows^^ -- It would make a good shirt!


This would make such a great shirt. As grouchy as I am about all the skulls and skeleton submissions here, this is gorgeous. I'd love to wear this on the dark gray. I'd like it more if the design was centered, though. Some things look great off to the side, some things look like they were misprinted. This seems to need centering, but maybe that's just my old-fashioned perception. At any rate, if Threadless prints this, I'll be compelled to buy it, and one for my best friend who will love it just as much as I do.


hey... I need to dig up a poem by John Berger that comes to mind when i see this image... i'll post it on your myspace when i find it...I would love to have this shirt for that reason alone because its statment is beautiful...

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