• by fOi
  • posted May 25, 2005 in General
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little hobbit feet: YAR! I wrote you back a comment about you catching me out on the design not really being for the WIRED comp! FOILED DAMN YOOOOOOO!!!!!

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.. I must've spent a good ten minutes just rolling over the color swatch buttons on your submission, I think that also made me score higher because I could think about after that was the swirls... @_@

sveninho profile pic Alumni

you're cute ^^


Seriously, those color buttons are insane. I agree with sveninho's comment.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

is that a self portrait fOi?
..and your boyfriend.. woooo!!!

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Love yur style, but didn't like the design too much. Floating b&w heads over colored swooshes just seemed a bit disconnected. I still gave you a 3, cuz I respect your skill and design, but this one I wouldn't wear.

Sorry for being harsh...

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grayhound: That's kewl, The reason i decided to post on Threadless is for the for the unbiased comments! I'm still waiting for the "You're work sucks shit and your mother's a whore!" comments but they're still yet to come . . .

eskimokiss: HOW'D YOU GUESS! Was it to the fighting heads pose? We tend to head butt each other alot in our arguments.

sveninho & craeon: aww, shucks . . .


this one is pretty awesome. although if it won, it would be creepy if you saw someone wearing it while with said boyfriend. your first submission is also amazing. if they print it exclusively for the 12 month club, i'll chew my leg off! haha

fOi profile pic Alumni

GURL I 'D LIKE TO SEE THAT (the chewing with the leg off thing)! Maybe if you stuck some threadless stickers on it afterwards and sent a photo in you could get a $100 gift voucher . . .

sorry, was that in poor taste?

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