Half Breed

  • by Mr Rocks
  • posted Feb 11, 2007

Not much I can say about this.Please see my profile and blog for a step by step, detailed version and colour variation Really enjoyed doing this design, hope you guys can dig it too. Thanks.

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Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Not much I can say about this.Please see my profile and blog for a step by step, detailed version and colour variation Really enjoyed doing this design, hope you guys can dig it too. Thanks.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

aw, what great gradient halftones...wow. i hope they can do them, because i'm going to start doing everything with 'em! i like it...it's realistic-cartoon-guerilla....it looks like a digital dream.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is so devilish! The midget Satan that lives inside my loins applaudes you and this design. Rock on, goathead! (I especially like the 2 coins over the Josh Ritter album eyes- amazing touch!) 5$

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

this is overflowing with style. I really dig the "dirty" halftone look you gave the image

abeadle profile pic Alumni

This is amazing $$5

travis76 profile pic Alumni

"wow, that's great. tell the folks at the Free Software Foundation, I'm sure they would dig this, as it looks like their image of a levitating gnu playing a flute"
not even the same thing....!
god, i love these out of left field comparisons! they happen with every sub, so i should be over it by now, but i can't!

so, no animals can play instruments?

well, go tell the brothers grimm that the free software foundation ripped them off. then go tell ancient aborigines that the brothers grimm ripped them off, and so on, and fucking so on.


exactly, travis. exactly.

pilihp profile pic Alumni


Alex M. Solefish

one of the best designs i've seen for this contest. Great job. 5

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni



i just scored the midsummer night's dream panhandling sub right before this. both of these are wonderful (and not too similar, which is good since done by different people)! 5

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I agree, same theme totally different. This is awesome. Like everyone else I love the textures.

Gringz profile pic Alumni

very cool 5$


I'm buying two, one in each colour scheme please. Go Goat Boy!


Very cool Mr Rocks. Is that the dogs bollocks, or what? You know what I mean, for those who don't, don't worry.


dont get it... at all... but i dig it muchly... 5

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

to quote Josh Ritter:
"In a lot of ways I felt like I became this thing, half-man, half-animal, out in the middle of the country, playing"


so unbelievably well done 5$

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

definitely on of the top submissions for this contest imo. interesting textures and refreshing characters. top notch work as usual dude. 5+$$$$$

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

I love the contrast between the linework, solid colored areas, and halftones. Really nice work!


Shake AND bake.
You're the total package.


yes, unique !!
so, i don't buy it.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

talk about a departure in style. this is one of those subs you kinda have to look at and go "gawd, that technique is amazing!" combined with moody, perfect colors and your always wonderful linework and this is my fav JR sub. nice work Blair!

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

creepy but awesome illustation!

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Great illo. Love the color halftone patterns. Kinda gives it a half photo, half drawing look. Nice. 5


nice!!! i like it!


creepy illustation. excellent work but wouldn't wear it on a shirt...

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I would buy this! $5
Hope it will come in centered placement & big print.


Nothing beats goats and dogs

funkie munkie

superb, like it alot, colours go well with the design.


Did anyone read Wicked? It makes me think of Dr Dillamond's wasted youth. Very nicely done.


That's all kinds of wonderful.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

supercool... love the texturing ... I also love the linework & mood as well so I guess I love the whole goddamn thang. $5

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