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Does is really glow in the Dark???

  • by Karchie
  • posted Feb 10, 2007

Ok, somebody said this glows in the dark. Is it true?? ANYBODY KNOW!??!?!??

Watch this

.. if it does, ninjas shouldnt wear it.


Dude if it glows in the dark i am SO buying this.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

yes, it does


Are you serious?! I'm so stokked that I bought this now...

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is the 2nd time I've heard someone say it glows in the dark...

The thing that's odd, though, is that it doesn't say that on the t-shirt page (and usually Threadless will note special inks).

So... you might want to contact the staff directly to ask.

(Of course, I think it's an awesome design, regardless!)

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

This is from the staff on another blog....

shimala on Feb 05 '07 at 11:10am
yes, it glows


Thanks for checking buchholz.... AMAZING design!!!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Ah, okay... if Shimala said it, it must be true.




Yup it glows...imagine my surprise when I walked into the bathroom with this shirt on with the lights off, and I could see the design. So amazing...


It does


I'm so excited!!! I hope I get it soon!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow....i just opened up the package today and showed a girl at my workplace the design which they immediately said " looks like it glows in the cool!" I quickly rebutted with a "oh, i wished it had and thought that would be the perfect thing for this shirt, but alas, since Threadless my trusted friend and secret lover, has not told me so I must only assume that your eyes are laying lovely but deceptive tricks on you." To which she stared at me for talking in such a studied fashion, snatched the shirt out of my hands, held up the shirt directly to her face for two seconds and handed it back to me before walking away " glows." I was soooooooooooooo exited by this revelation! Thank you threadless for making my dreams come truw about what obviously needed to be done with this design. Amazing!


hahaha...nice story FRICKINAWESOME


wow! thats so coolL!!


yes it does! and it glows like a lightbulb! XD its so bright i love it !! i just got it yesterday =]


Holy shit. I just got this and just realized it glows in the dark, real awesomely. :]


I just got this. A bit strange though, that it's sticky on the inside :/ My other tees aren't. But it's real cool :D

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