Ass Likes Paper

Don't be an asswipe, give it a 5!

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bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Don't be an asswipe, give it a 5!

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

hahahhaha i actually didnt recognize this was your style for a second which is odd... love it. :D 5


lmao, whats funny is that i had a feeling it was yours because of the text, bananaphone. :P

it's... cute. :D

oh and i know this is not the place for this but, i am seriously in love with the Particle man shirt.. the colors are perfect!! matches the tee SO well! its one of my favorite shirts ever!! :) I would sooo buy other particle man-related shirts (yes! shirts! i like it that much!!).. it's a really great character!


no thanks


AHAHAHA! Love the rosy cheeks!


the rosey cheeks!


A ripoff of Cookie Loves Milk!

lol :P



p.s. I may find you funny but I still hate your bad attitude :P

ir0cko profile pic Alumni



ahaha somebody's walking around with no butt cheeks :O


the severed nature of this ass (red meat and vertebrae showing) makes its happy expression hard to believe! butt i can't think of a better way to draw an ass character, so this is a pointless comment.


... that i posted anyway


it's funny. i have the exact same markings on my ass.


I like it except maybe make the ass not look cut off with the blood and spine showing but like just a butt.


hahaha, the tp's expression is priceless...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

haha this is good


i don't like the pink spots on the butt...cheeks?


The ass looks GROSS.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you're lucky i gave him 2 legs not just one!


there may be 2 legs, but there's only one extra (albeit skinny and oddly malformed) appendage ....

aled profile pic Alumni

I'm loving the rosey cheeks. You might say he's also got a 'cheeky' smile. But that would be a poor pun, so its best left alone.


I like it but the visible vertebrae throws me off a bit.... although I'm sure it probably helps further distinguish this little guy as an "ass" instead of.... well, I don't know what else.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Is that 2-ply? So help you gawd if it isn't.

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

its a ventriloquist ass! it talks without moving its "lips?"


I don't know about you, but my ass does not have vertebrae. Or nipples.




rudra! You're too funny !!! :D

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

" BigODrummer on Feb 19 '07
really terrible."

You know, I don't give a rats ass whether you like it or not, and that's why I didnt say anything before. But what the hell is the point in bitching about the design twice?


Well, there's Exhibit A.

(wow, you know a lot of "bad" words....congratulations!)

...and furthermore, the design is weak, not funny, and unoriginal....woo-hoo, hat-trick!!!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

no shit sherlock, that's the entire point of the entire design, you know... incase you didn't get that in the first place. I'm sure glad braniacs like you are on the case.


...and that paper looks like it already has stains on it!


The point is to be weak, not funny and unoriginal??? Well, then I offer my deepest apologies...I didn't realize Threadless changed and started looking for crappy designs. You get a 5 on the shit scale. (just wondering...did me typing the word shit make me sound as tough as when you did it? Probably not.)

Grow up loser.


geez. You people have shitty attitudes.



Anyway Loved the shirt.


The roll looks like it's in shock. :O


what? dingleberry not included?

Matt, please don't grow up.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"The point is to be weak, not funny and unoriginal??? Well, then I offer my deepest apologies...I didn't realize Threadless changed and started looking for crappy designs. You get a 5 on the shit scale. (just wondering...did me typing the word shit make me sound as tough as when you did it? Probably not.)

Grow up loser."

Let me spell it out for you asshat, since you haven't seemed to grasp the special school edition of explanation I laid out for you earlier.

This is called a PARODY. The recipe is, I take a design that threadless has already printed, apply the same concept to something else that is even more stupid, combine it with a cartoony representation of an ass.

It isn't trying to be anything more than what I just outlined, you on the other hand are a flaming tryhard.


This coming from the guy who gave us "Corn chips hurt coming out!" Listen Dick With Ears, you've submitted over 80 designs and how many have even come close to winning? ____ (for fill in the blankers playing at home, the answer is ZERO!) Yeah dude, you've got this Threadless thing down!

In reality, they suck and you suck...please find a different hobby (I assume this is a hobby because if it's a career, your rent check's gonna be hard to scrounge up) and try to stay away from anything dealing with art or comedy. You don't seem to be good at either.

Maybe try just put me through the Bananaphone-I'm-Cool-Because-I-Can-Curse-Everytime-I-Get-My-Feelings-Hurt School of Parody. Thanks...I learned bunches!

And here's a little lesson from the BigODrummer-I-Could-Care-Less-How-Witty-You-Think-You-Are School of Shut The Hell Up. Saying your design sucks and not getting it are 2 different things. But, silly me, I'm sure you already knew that "professor."

So go ahead, defend yourself with your next barrage of profanity and college age sarcasm and please know I'm shaking in my perverbial boots. Just make it a good one and that way, you'll have your first quality Threadless submission.....sigh....I doubt it though.

And let me save you some time...I know I haven't submitted a design yet. When I have the time to create something worthy of this site, I'll submit it. I'm not gonna blow a load in my pants everytime I actually complete a drawing and send it in with the hopes of wowing the internets with my "artistic" ability and "clever" somebody we know.

"Profane and Ever So Witty" rebuttal time...Go!


Wow, what a rant.
Ok well I'll follow it up with some constructive criticism.

Good concept, but could have been executed better.
Personally I don't care for the bloody cut & spine.
I also think the drawings could do with some cleaning (smooth the lines to appear less 'hand-drawn').

I'm a big fan of fun 'cartoony' threadless T-s though. :-)


hey kids:
Remember, be nice!

susie q89

i liked this one. but i dont know if i could have known it was an ass and toilet paper if not for the title. i thought it was a piece of ham and the bone at first to be honest. but the idea is good.

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