• by twoZ
  • posted Feb 07, 2007

Watch this

the pocket.
the carrot.
the vibrator?

questioning ant

Maybe it should be a shadow puppet carrot? I would even just like the rabbit, I think.


the carrot and the shadow puppet seem to be competing. I would lose one.

kath 20man

I love this, the proportions and placement of the carrot/pocket and shaddow puppet are perfect. Your colour choice is really nice as well, and I like the instuctional / text book line style of the hands.

I was also just wondering if you know what program you can save or export a gif in... I can not remember or find it...


huh so that's how you make a rabbit.....


very cool idea!


I like the concept a lot, as well as the color choices. I think the art on the hands and bunny seems a lot more polished than that on the carrot and pocket. I think those could be smartened up a bit, then this shirt would be a 5$.


Ditch the pocket.
I just want the rabbit and hands.


I agree just rabbit and hands then change the colour (that's just because I'm not keen on orange).


Great idea, but don´t like the execution: those sleves doesn´t work.
4 for the idea!


I agree the rabbit alone has potential. Get rid of the carrot. The shadow puppet rabbit has enough of my attention.


lose the pocket or make a shadow carrot. 4


I think the elements of the design really need each other, and it wouldn't be as clever if one were eliminated. That said, I'd clean up the artwork of the carrot and make both elements bigger... then it'd be a $5 from me!


I agree with fragoso on the sleeves.
I don't really understand why the carrot is there. You could keep the shadow puppet hands, and the shadow bunny could be going after the carrot, making the shadow do something other than what the hands tell it to do.


I actually had to try this, hehe. Very cute!


the pocket thing is overdone, Id keep just the shadow puppet


That is the awesomest shadow puppet ever. I agree with most everyone else, lose the pocket, but maybe put the carrot somewhere else.


yup. loose the carrot/pocket. the shadow puppet is brilliant : )


i agree, take the pocket off and it would be really cute


along with everyone else, i think the shadow puppet is great, and the carrot seems extra...or at least, stylistically different enough from the shadow puppet to seem unnecessary.

and regarding the comment someone made about sleeves, this is a DESIGN competition, not a competition to see who can draw the best outline of a shirt. idiot.


What? Who said it's about sleeves? The sleeves take away from the DESIGN. The sleeves are a part of the design. Using your argument, it is completely pointless to criticize any specific aspect of a design. This isn't a contest to see who can draw the best carrot, so don't criticize that part either. The focus should be the shadow puppet. The sleeves distract from the focus, and they look weird. Just like the carrot. Idiot.


this is cool maybe do a carrot shadow without hands...?


I like the puppeteering, lose the pocket. the pocket doesn't look like it has enough bulge to be a carrot


the pocket reminds me of "snack"...


it looks like someone tucked-in the carrot

renee gayde

LOVE the shadow puppet, not feeling the would stop me from buying the shirt fo sho.


without the pocket...very nice!"


no pocket no carrot, unless the fingers were made of carrots... no, just no pocket


The pocket thing has been done.

I remeber a banana in pocket shirt. That was class, this The bunny is great tho, I agree with the rest of em.

Krista x Face

I agree. Lose the pocket. I like just the hands and rabbit.


I would like it better without the pocket and carrot. the hands and rabbit are awesome enough on their own!


i agree, no carrot+pocket. rabbit and hands leave where they are. maybe change the color of t shirt..


if only the rabbit and hands are there i'd buy it!!!


Ok, I can take out the pocket, no problem, but the carrot is important for the my idea of the shirt. I can find a new idea.
Thank you for suggestions!


i think the carrot should also be a shadow puppet, but i love the design-- 5


Two different designs.
Pick one of the other.


I think it should be really big, and the sleeves should be removed. I'd buy that, without the carrot/pocket.


I disagree with most of these people... I love the way it is WITH the pocket. It makes the rabbit wanting/doing something. I think the rabbit/ hand alone would be boring.

Kojima profile pic Alumni

very creative


It looks like you combined two t-shirts into one. Either one would be fine alone though.


Lose the carrot.


haha i love have very good designs


I too vote on losing the carrot pocket and also agree with penguinologist17 that the design might be better if the carrot was replaced with a second shadow puppet. The shadow puppet idea is a good one!


The pocket reminds me of a shirt I bought called "Snack", so I'd probably lose it and make the hands/rabbit a bit bigger. Keep the placement, though. Personal fan of the offset tees.


I've never been a fan of fake pockets. But maybe if the hand and rabbit were Bigger and farther apart... more striking distancing.


minus the pocket, it reminds me of the snack tee.
i love the shadow bunny, though.

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