i'm wide awake, it's morning?

loving this design!! was anyone else reminded of the cover of I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning by Bright Eyes?

not accusing anyone of plagiriasm or anything. just a resemblance. i'm actually really pleased... partly because the buildings were done beautifully in the design and partly because that is one of my favorite albums/album cover ever :D

wonderful job!!

Watch this

exactly what i thought when i first saw it.

mini dukes III

Yes. And what a wonderful album to draw from.

Napalm Nabuco

im pretty sure both buildings are supposed to be in the nicer part of bed stuy in brooklyn. but i could be wrong.


It looks a lot like Brooklyn. The street my sister lived on for awhile was exactly like that.


that is only the greatest album ever, and this shirt is also amazing but i havn't really been liking the new shirts they print on but i dunno i might buy this anyway if i can find the money


hah, that's actually my least favorite bright eyes album, but most favorite cover.

and yeah i see the resemblance, but i think it's just the style of the buildings in nyc

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