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Just a fun abstract design with a couple of my favorite colors.

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Just a fun abstract design with a couple of my favorite colors.


noctourna brush set anyone?


This looks exactly like a million other things on the internet, and I'm totally sick of this kind of design.


..and I don't care if it's "noctourna brush set" - I still like it!


yeah looks kinda generic...maybe if the T weren't black? it's like a band shirt or something


Love it. 5$


I agree with wadep :/

Having said that it's executed just fine

But whenever I see a design which is blatantly just a brush set it arises the conflict, did the person make this brush set or did they use a premade set and just hit the paint brush a few times, occasionally hitting ctrl-z until they got something that looks kinda cool.


uhhh sans butterflies. different colors. i'm not liking it, still.


i'd definitely sport that!!

Band Geek

Generic , sorry.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wadep speaks the truth on this one, sorry djfacemachine. Serisouly, why even devote the time to making something this run-of-the-mill? 1 for trying.

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this looks like photoshop brushs from a site that used to be really popular, dont remember the name


looks like bad, sorry, it's overdone n BORING


remind me of the dr. doolitle cover by the pixies.


Looks kinda like a surf brand or something. I wouldn't mind wearing it, but only because it donesn't look like anything in particular - like the rest of the t-shirts I buy from Just Jeans or wherever.


Very pretty and I love the butterflies.


Not sure what you're going for here. And the fact that it's off-center like that doesn't make sense to me.


It doesn't matter to me what brush set was used to make this. I like it. I think it's simple and nice.

I like that the design is set to the side. As a girl, I would wear it. Thanks for making a design that girls would want to wear.

hurricane hanz

it looks like one of those glittery cliche graphics that stupid little girls put on their myspaces. sorry.


you created what was popular and made it your own, good job


yeah i sort of agree with hurricane hanz except i think he's way too harsh. if i was a girl i'd buy it.

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