{Official Petition} Reprint on AA Slate

I am now turning this thread into the "Official Petition" to get Hogboy's "Destroy NYC" shirt reprinted on slate American Apparell shirts just like the girly shirt. By contributing your vote you also agree to pay threadless the same price as the girly AA ($17) or whatever they would like to charge I guess.

This design is just too good... I own the khaki but it just isn't working for me. Please help the cause! Go click the reprint button!

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Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'm actually refraining from buying until they start printing on Threadless brand since I cannot stand FOTL after I've been spoiled by the Select tees.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i agree, this is tons better on slate.

good thing i'm a girl, mwa ha haha

castle profile pic Alumni

yes, the selects have spoiled me too

I imagine these will be big sellers and be reprinted on the new brand, so I'm waiting.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

but what about us that dont liek AA? thee shrinking and fitted nature of tehm arent big selling points for me

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

good thing i can fit into the girl sizes!


khaki's fine and all but it doesn't look right on this shirt and i'm not gunna lie, i cried a little... inside.


fat people can where fotl. everyone else needs am. apparel.


<del>i want my shirts to last and not make me look like a slob</del>

mini dukes III

I can't see the sense in printing every great design on khaki for men and slate for women. How about some change?


I just hope the new Threadless tees are coming along soon, though I think guessing they will be out this Monday is optomistic.

I'd be happy to be surprised though.


"though I think guessing they will...". Nasty!

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