my little sis who is engaged

  • by ewey6
  • posted Feb 05, 2007

is going to love this...but do any guys??? i can not see a lot of guys wearing this...

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I love it! And will be buying.


yeah, I was just about to say, guys?


I dont have any money left over for shit like this after buying my fiance her ring.


Sure guys would buy it. I guess mainly as a statement about the size of a woman's engagement ring frequently turning into a pissing contest amongst her friends, and how it's NEVER going to be big enough.

Pretty subtle, but I like it.


my boyfriend says no but i'm still getting the real thing 1/4 ct. woo hoo


The ring is just a metaphor people. He's hyperbolized the diamond to make a statement: more more more. That's not an innately feminine or masculine point; it's just a point.

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I love it and I'll buy it. Just as soon as I geat these pineapples off my fingers.


guys would wear it,they want MORE "ice" in their possession to score the ladies.


I agree with Minga. I see the ring as merely an example of how we keep wanting more.

"You're never satisfied, your wants just change"
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