$25 type tees?!


Watch this

it's to compete with hot topic.



Somebody got lazy, hahahaha.


i know man... WTF.. the SELECTS were doing awesome... well i get to save some money this week


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It's a select not a "type" tee.


pyr.. i think he was being sarcastic... hopefully..


the lettering is felt

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I actually like the type on this quite a bit.


hate to bag, but that's the least deserving select print since that thing with the poo and the bold red lines on a yellow tee.


I think they'll sell like hotcakes, cuz everybody who loves metal is an arrogant arsehole who would proudly wear this shirt.


count me out J... count me wayyyyy out


Me too! I wonder how many arrogant metalheads buy shirts on Threadless?


haha, mezo's the only one.


It's hard not to be arrogant when you rule.



Wahhh it up guys, I love this shirt :D

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I'd wear this whilst playing out at a deep house party due to me being an ├╝ber ironic pile of designer wank, apart from that I couldnt see it getting worn much.


deep house mx still around?


How many arrogant metalheads know what enter key is?

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still around? just about. it's mostly watery rubbish but there is some beautiful minimal electro brilliance if you dig deep enough.


I love this!!!! but I do agree $25 for a type tee is a bit excessive

though I still will probably end up buying it


Definitely worth $25 - looks like every letter got special consideration. The colors, felt technique and attitude are perfect for the subject.


I just noticed this was a select. I do know someone who'd love it though.


Threadless is high if they think we're gonna pay $25 for a tee with felt lettering.
And Metal sucks by the way. If you think differently you should go back to 1986 and stay there.


They would if they could. My friend's husband said "There's two kinds of music, metal and shite".

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man, i was really hoping for something outstanding from don clark. i have always loved asterik studios posters and stuff, but this is definately not his best work, thats for sure.


agree with tom. i love the message seeing as i'm a fan of metal myself but cmon don! you can do better!

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I'm actually feeling good about this.

After a long hiatus during which I couldn't say "Select tees suck!" I'm back in my comfort zone.


$25. Not likely.


"Threadless is high if they think we're gonna pay $25 for a tee with felt lettering.
And Metal sucks by the way. If you think differently you should go back to 1986 and stay there."

And the metal fans are the arrogant pricks? Thank you, your opinion had made me realize how crappy bands like Therion, Haggard, Nightwish, Green Carnation, Ayreon, etc. Please enlighten me on what music I should listen to since you are all knowing. I'm sure your favourite music was made just yesterday and isn't ripped off of some style before it. You're probably the guy who thought nu-metal was the coolest thing ever made just 5 years ago until someone called you a fag for listening to it.


I have no idea who any of those bands are, ceres.


ceres: I stated that arrogant metalheads would wear this, because the statement on the shirt is definitively arrogant. I'm sure many people here like metal among other genres, but this shirt probably represents a very small portion of Threadless users. And for $25 for a type tee, at that, makes it quite a stretch.


I like metal, but, I wouldn't buy this for $15 let alone $25


i would doubt any person that has been a fan of metal and that would make a statement like this about metal would not wear this with felt lettering

also - no true metal fan would be caught dead in pre-faded torn jeans like the guy in the product pic


I wasn't really calling you out. My post was mostly in regard to the ass saying metal sucks though I did use your comment about arrogance.
Personally, as a metal fan, if it's not a band shirt, I much prefer shirts that feature music I don't like for the irony of it.

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