Odd One Out

Watch this

I'm thinking it should be up a bit higher.


Bit too simple for me


Yes. Up a bit higher.

And not on white.
Or maybe.

Make the apples bigger.


This falls into the "I could do it" category for me ... sorry.

dr. loopy94

ummm...lol my fifth grade science teacher had one of those inspirational posters on her wall that looked just like this...and said "Many saw the apple fall, but Newton asked 'why?'"


Designs don't have to be very involved or complicated to be good. Simplicity with substance is much harder than a fancy, meaningless deign. Unfortunately, this one doesn't make it IMO.


Lady Di once wore a sweater that was covered in white sheep with one black sheep located where your green apple is now.


maybe do a bad apple instead of a odd one out


Go Lady Di fan club!


agreed. cute shirt but the design is too low or too small or maybe both and also i think any color shirt you put this on would make it infinitely more appealing than white.


I think it's great: simple and appealing and effective at communicating the "I'm unique... but not in a fake poser kind of way" message in a design I haven't seen before.


this is very very original. it is the exact design i have been looking for! i would DEFINITELY buy this shirt... i do agree that the apples could be a little higher... but i don't feel that strongly.

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