Laugh along with Mr. Zedong!

Drop the carpet and roll around with the chairman himself. He looks like a cuddler dontcha think?

Watch this

Drop the carpet and roll around with the chairman himself. He looks like a cuddler dontcha think?


this has been done so many times even i created an image like this. ROFL-MAO


i want this for my chinese friends


The chairman? Are you seriously calling him that?

He was a vile, disgusting revolutionary who purged his own committee and murdered millions of his fellow citizens.


Jeez bro, take a pill - this design is hardly a homage, is it?!


sk8dork - Its an obvious concept and I've even made it before as a simple gaming spray. However, when I looked for a tshirt with this design I couldn't find any. Specifically in a cartoonish style.

Laborpsus - I personally believe in this philosophy from artist Jim Riswold. Quoting from Creativity Magazine Jan 07 issue:
"Mocking dictators, satirizing them, we're told, trivializes their crimes. Obviously, I disagree. I'd argue that speaking about them only in deadly serious tones actually pays the fools the reverence they so crave. They don't mind being called monsters, but they sure don't like being called fools."

To each their own though. Can't make a design to please everyone.

~peace out


is it sad that i finally just figured out what ROFL stands for?

any way

5 + buy


lmf4O tH!S is t3h pwNag3 5$


It's probably worth remembering that most people won't even recognize Zedong, but will just laugh at the fact that an old Asian guy is yelling "ROFL" at them.

So... regardless of intent, I like it.


omg this is amazing


i love it, but i'm not sure i could pull if off.

if you wanted to make it uber obvious to those who are historically impaired, i think MAO underneath his picture would work.

Senor Ernesto

And I thought Che was the only mass murder getting play on T's these days.




i still don't know what ROFL means.

however, i do appreciate the satire - good stuff.


Um, his surname is Mao.


5 $


roll on the floor laughing


How about Lmao?


The "ROFL" font looks more Soviet than Chinese to me, but I love the design.


it is complete as is, and i like it, but i like kerpow!'s idea, LMAO would add something


ROFLMAO = Roll On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off.
I'm not seeing how having just an L above Mao would add anything. Or placing LMAO below would just be repeating Laughing. So, I'm confused as to what the idea for changes was...


I'm Chinese myself... this is way funny, although, I have a strange feeling about the font. I dunno :P



I also feel funny about the font, and I'd like to see MAO under him for the history-impaired.

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