• by batsheep
  • posted Feb 02, 2007

we are animals.....and this is our years from beginning to the end.

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we are animals.....and this is our years from beginning to the end.


We're going to become trees?


Will we ever see the end of these evolution designs?


it kind of looks like the third guy in is a regular human who's tired from running. And I agree - it needs to look more like a mushroom cloud and less like a tree with something through its trunk. You should know - there have been A LOT of similar designs lately.


It would be better if it didnt look like a tree. You need to detach the cloud from the ground.

Fokust Alliance

yah i also said what we become trees?
what kinda trees?
ill b green thankx

bootless maundy

this looks an awful lot like my sub.....whats with that?

except, mine has nothing to do with evolution.....


ugh enough with evolution


looks like you have two ideas mashed together where mashing should not go. Either heartbeat turning into mushroom cloud or man evolving into one. Nice execution though


these evolution designs are making me nauseous... seriously. nauseous.


im waiting for an evolution design where we evolve into deer.


the whole "evoilution" thing is played out

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yeah glumone, evolution is sooooo long ago.....what does it have to do with modern man? pfft. I like what this sub is going for, and i got what the mushroom cloud was instantly. I want one of these evolution designs to through, but having the mushroom cloud only a centimeter taller than the person kind of loses the momentum..i suggest having the cloud MUCH bigger than everything before it, and the man right before it looking up at what is after him. Right now, a solid 3 for a clever concept of familiar things.


does look very much like a tree


that's a nuke... he should made that orange... 4


too many evolution designs


evolution design.... yawn


it should have just been the cloud not the little cloud in the middle, i kinda thought it meant that we evolve in to religious trees.


i dont get it, though its looks nice


i thought that we were turning into trees before i read the comments...


also the heartbeat line bothers me because it's not what real heartbeats look like... too many bumps.


i don't get it, what's the tree-looking thing supposed to be?


well well well... you don't really understand my design... maybe it should be more clear.... I wanted to mean simply that the predator of the man is himself.... and the end is not a tree but the nuclear explosion annihilating the planet.
so sorry if it's not very clear.... just be kind
thks to the others!


get used to people on threadless not understanding your designs. but to be honest it took me a sec to see that the nuclear explosion was not a tree.


it would definitly help if the mushroom cloud looked less like a tree. colour, maybe?
and yeah...the evolution stuff is a bit overused. but i really like the idea!
as soon as i understood it, i smiled a bit? despite the message and all.


You need to improve on drawing your trees. It almost looks like an explosion or something...


ha, at these comments. 'Evolution is tired'.
I don't grade stuff like this based one what's been happening, and I like the way that the ground has the 'pulse' look from those hospital scope thingys. The idea, I think, could be excuted better.


I thought it was a tree attached to a grave stone. fix it.


yeah enough with the evolution designs i think. And i also thought it was a tree.


it works except for the heart monitor tic marks. With those, it's trying to say too much at once. simplicity would be better for this shirt's simple yet powerful message.


looks like a tree for me!


I agree that the mushroom cloud looks like a tree. I knew what it was supposed to be, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks like a tree.


I got that it was a mushroom cloud. It'd be clearer if you made the top of the cloud extend more laterally. Also, your heart monitor bits in between the evolutionary stages doesn't look like the real bumps in an EKG.


I actually really like it, except I had NO idea that it was a mushroom cloud at first. Fix it and I would buy it.

Wandering Gypsi

how can people not tell that's a mushroom cloud??? that looks nothing like a tree to me. sorry, trees don't usually have a short lateral ring around the middle of their trunks, and they don't kick up the ground around them so perfectly square (do they think that's grass? maybe)....

the point of this isn't about evolution! i feel like i'm back in environmental science "penguins are pink!" (yes, someone really said that.) the point of it is where we're going to, which is extinction, by our own hands.

good grief. but i guess you did kinda throw yourself into the middle of this by using a subject so misunderstood. even before all the comments, i really liked this one. and the heartbeats- i like em! all of man's existence is just a few heartbeats of time...


I wouldn't buy it, but I like the idea. I do agree that elaborating on the "pulse" is important, and looking at some mushroom clouds for reference wouldn't hurt either.


special thks WanderingGypsi for your comment...


I like the idea itself but yeah. It looks like we become trees. As soon as I saw it I was like "what, a tree, i wanna be an apple tree please....minus that thingy in my trunk" but than I began to read the little comments and saw its suppose to be an atomic bomb mushroom cloud.


fix it.

than get better comments and scoring.



we become trees with short stubby arms? what are those? other then that, it sort of looks like chalk on a blackboard. i like the simple look of it.


I've seen like a million variations of the "human evolution" theme on this site...


Wait. Is it a tree or a mushroom cloud? If it was definitively one or the other I could go for this-- I like the "chalked" look too.


I really like the design. Make it clearer that it is a mushroom cloud and I would def wear it. 5$


may be sick of the design, but I will never be sick of evolution!


Oh and I really like it

liquid indigo

excellent concept... the whole thing just needs to be drawn better... 3


well well, i have an update more clear... but i can't submit it... as long as the votes are not finished... sorry

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