• by Petanca
  • posted Feb 01, 2007

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Hi there, I'm the first one using this feature! Please, please, please, those who think I shouldn't submit yet, would you tell me your reasons? That would help a lot! Thanks


I like it a lot better on purple.


What is the thing on the top right? light?


that's cute, well executed too


Thanks for coments! Yes that thing is a spotlight used normally in theatre or movies


Omg! this feature is kind of confusing, ok, many people said it needs work, but I don't know what they are refering to so that doesn't help that much....

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

the purple one is great!


Now, this is confusing, many people said this needs work but nobody sais whay, so hat doesn't help that much...


I would revisit the spot light. I have never seen one that looks like that.

Great Concept. Beautiful art.


You guys really think a change in color can make a design worth submiting or not? I'm just asking, it's good to know and i wan't expecting it...


I really like this.


Thanks OCando, that helps, I'll work on that.


The two versions were put in too close together. Some poeple voted on one and some people voted on the other.


I know, what feels weird is that the first one has so many "needs work" and not the second one...and they are the same!

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

i like what you have so far. the only thing that i would look at is maybe the guy sitting on the board at the top. it seems to stick out as if it doesn't fit as comforatbly with the rest. otherwise i really like this. good work.


the text is alittle to straight, maybe shear/skew it a little wo it is parallel with the rest of the board. Other than that little, tiny detail, this is nice.


I think what may be happening is people are kind of taking it as an invitation to vote on which color they like better...


Oh, I see, we need to get used to this... Thanks for the input, actually this is a revised version from a previos design that i have in my blog, and that guy in the top was the most critizeced, but I'll take as an improvement that no one thinks it is an ape any more hahaha. I'll work the text too. Thanks guys, you helped me a lot


i think the blue is slightly better. Artistically the two children are poorly drawn, although the third girl with a wand is fine. The face for the other girl is strange and doesn't quite fit with the idea o f the piece.

i think this idea could be really good but the drawing skills need work and the tee colour needs tweaking too find the right shade to allow us to see the picture but still get the darkness.


Yusecki, thanks for being honest with your critique, it is a hard one as it more or less says this needs to be redone again, and though I agree this could be improved, ther is no way I'm starting this over, I'll just work on something else. About the shades I agree with you but I couldn't find the way to make the girls be in a shadow without the whole thing being to obscure, and also I thought there can be a secondary spotlight in the backstage that illuminates them, why not'. Anyways, thanks a lot for your coment.


personally, i like the colors of the blue. but the darker one works better for what is going on in the design. the problem i'm having w/ the overall design is that the perspective seems all out of sorts. you can't tell that the guy is up very high w/ the snow, but he would be very tiny compared to the ppl on the stage. i think this is a really cute idea, but i don't know how to make it stronger, i'm sorry. i think it would still score pretty decently.


Thanks Chelly, I feel like I hit a wall, and I'm too tired to work longer on this, so I'm submitting it and see how it does. The people are supposed to be children, so they are tiny, the stage is tiny too because it is supposed to be a small play.

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the dude sitting at the top kinda looks like he's chopped in half by the board he's sitting on. i like it best on purple

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This is looking much better!! Good luck.


the light's placement is really strange

fat pigeon
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I like it. I think I would make the light a bit smaller.


Thanks for your help. I'm trying to fix the dude and the light. I'm subbing this in a few minutes.

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work on different colors and contrasts


love it just as is!!!!

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