Anatomy of an astronaut

Watch this

i like it but i dont really love the guys face.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I really love the guy's face, but not really the font...

susie q89

i like it. but deffinately keep the text or else it isnt as entertaining

i carnt spel

i want you to submit more... same time next week, and the week after, and on and on until the end of existance or you die, which ever comes first... understand... ok good, se you then:)


Heyyy your style (and this submission) reminds me of a certain someone.


Needs more of a space-future-modern looking font, otherwise it's pretty coolio.


I vote remove the title text ("Anatomy of an astronaut"). $5!!


Great illo!


I have a shirt similar to this on American Apperal.


you forgot the diapers and hammer.



Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

Thankfully I watched The Daily Show last night, or else I’d probably still be sitting here confused by all the diaper comments.


I love the design, but I hate the font. If your chosen, consider changing it to something really plain and easy to read. Still 5$'d.


i think you need fewer labels and then you're all set.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The figure & alien baby are GREAT! Not feeling the text, though. It's taking away from the image. Perhaps if it were in a different font & did more than just jut out from the figure on a perfect horizon. 4


interesting... i like how the astronaut is sort of old fasioned sex-ed style.


Alien larvae? D8 Nice design and nice colors...not sure if I like the font or if I'd buy though.

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

this is so super well illustrated! i like it a lot. i would go with no text, i think the picture of the space man with the alien larvae is interesting/funny enough to be the whole design. really good stuff.


The idea is interesting, but I don't love the font. Something with less flourish to it might fit the design better.

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