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This is really cool, but I don't really get the order of the photos. Maybe it's just me but I think that the last two pictures should be switched.


wow. i actually think i'd wear this. but i think maybe the last two should be switched around. maybe.


and everything has so much detail but the hair is just kind of "pleh".


HOLY CRAP. i would friggin get nightmares from this shirt. hha. so cool.


Very cool. She reminds me of the Schoolgirl Kill Bill 2 Assassin. Wonder why the last slide of the strip is torn.


did her lipstick melt off and flow into her eyes in the last one? I love the details, but i don't know what's going on.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

jesus, you've got idiots whining about the hair being "pleh".. STFU!!! seriously, holy vector art batman. looks great.


this is amazing work.

and now ill have nightmares.


DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

too bad this is from a korean's either called like the eye, or face...or something...but I've seen it and this looks exactly like it

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

so he ripped off the illustration from the movie "the eye"? no you idiot, he used it as his inspiration for this amazing again, stfu you morons... I'm so tired of you imbeciles that come on here and know absolutely shit. go back to your text messaging

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

no I'm serious...I've seen this...I'm not an idiot. the bottom picture looks exactly like it's traced from a scene of one of those movies...

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

damn you and your kind. ha


wtf...what story does this tell?
its too random and morbid for my taste

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I have to agree with the others about the order of the pictures.

Her flesh explodes and then rematerialises?

I love it, except for that. Switch the order (or explain the current order to my satisfaction) and it's a $5.

As is, it's 4.


She first dies and then becomes some kind of zombie, right? I like it.


I think it would work better if the last one were another normal picture. If not then the lipstick needs to be consistent in the last frame.

exploding boy
exploding boy profile pic Alumni

iv'e never seen no movie called 'the eye' and i certainly didn't trace any of these images from it

Tess Fondie

That is amazing artwork- but I wouldnt buy it. 4


from now on, any accusations of copying should be accompanied by a link. Random accusations without support taints the submission and the ... um... submissor... submissee?....

exploding boy
exploding boy profile pic Alumni

The idea of the skeleton is that it's not a literal photograph but more like a visual manifestation of the pain the girl feels the moment when she dies (mysteriously) and this pain is somehow caught by the camera in the photobooth. In the last panel she is dead, the color of the lips are just changed to emphasise this. The idea came partly from an x-files episode i watched recently about a paranoid schizophrenic that could somehow capture on film the nightmare visions in his mind. I guess i just wanted to do something a bit spooky. Hope this explains a few things :)


i'm asian so... it's a little too much korean horror movie for me instead of x-file-ish, great stuff all the same, just not something i'm personally wear. 5 all the same.

to everyone who doesn't get it, the last photo is the girl as a ghost, so no, the order of the photos SHOULDN'T be switched.


"...just not something i'd persoanlly wear..." sorry, a little typo there.


pretty cool


dewd cool! that first one looks like a combination of Regina Spektor and Christina Aguilera!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Nicely done! -- freaking scary too o_O


Definitely grabbed my attention and curiosity.
Would work very well as a movie poster too
with the pictures being actual photos of Shannen Doherty


makes me think of The Grudge for some reason


wow, amazing style, awesome design 5$


man very nice.hope it will get printed ,and not censored. 5$


very nice.
i love asian horror


The skeleton should be last, but her eyes shouldn't turn red beforehand. It'd be a lot funnier if she was just suddenly vaporized in the middle of a photo.


Deathcab, this shirt is scary, I agree, but how can you have that Pan's Labyrinth guy as your picture! I just stopped having nightmares about that dude and now they are so gonna be back . . .


I understand you're trying to tell a story here, but there is no way in hell that Tribeca Film Festival is going to approve a shirt like this. It's silly to think otherwise.


Completely amazing and very creepy. I fived it!!


i'd like it.

i would totally love a shirt with just the skeleton too :] it's aweeesome.


*i like it



Amazing work!

It's to creepy for me to wear tho


I don't think the pain of dying concept is well done, but the drawing and general concept are really cool. Maybe switch the last two around? Oh, by the way this is the scariest thing I've ever seen on a shirt, therefore I have to own it. $5


looks like that zombie girl from the grudge 2




Nice style. I'd buy it. $5


Nicely done....can't help but think of Kill Bill though - which by the way I feel like watching now....

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