Punk Fae

  • by mrgrinch
  • posted Jan 31, 2007

Adapted from an old watercolour picture of mine from yonks back. I hope the image transfers well to t-shirt form.

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Adapted from an old watercolour picture of mine from yonks back. I hope the image transfers well to t-shirt form.


I don't normally wear shirts with really large graphics, but the art itself gets a 5, especially because this kind of thing seems difficult when limited to 5 unique colors


her eyes look kinda funny to me with the "shiny" white dots... kinda like she's posessed... is that just me?


i like it. $5 the eyes to me have an anime feel. im not so sure about the wings tho. i dont see the bottom set, but i guess she can have just 1 set


Yup. $5, and I don't have a lot of those.


doesnt seem like it should be a shirt. . .i dont know i think it's sort of tacky.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Eh. It's ok. I do love the way the wings are made and the streaks of soft color running down her cheeks. Conceptually? It's not the best. And there are strange elements of the figure- specifically in the leg that is uder water. She looks like an amputee. Maybe add more of an environment around her...some more grpahic elements she could be coming out of, towards us.


Maybe on black or dark red?

Well, anyway, I like it.

There aren't many good pictures of fae out there.
I don't really see how she's punk, though. Maybe emo, with her tears running her mascara XP

Really good design.

$ and 5.


i like that she's coming out of the water, it looks like she's going to come up to you


not to just pick on this design only, but is there any way that threadless could create a no-fairy rule in the design guidelines? it seems that every third design has an effing fairy, and i doubt that 6-12 year-olds have a credit card to buy shirts off here...


Yeah go Lashford!!! Not at all original enough for me. Sorry.


i would change the color of her iris just because to me it looks as if the eyes have been hollowed out and youre looking into her sockets. her forearm is a bit thick too, i would clean up the hand also. good idea though.


Great illustration! 5


Your illo ability is good. . . it would be great with more effort in the line quality.


if anything, i wuld have said the lower lip, but now the amputee thing is bothering me...


it scares the crap out of me! is it just me?


this is really boring. and it's not something i'd want to wear at all.


Fairies are lame and I could buy this anywhere


i don’t get this - i wouldn’t wear a naked chick, nor would i buy a shirt with a naked chick for my boyfriend, and lets face it - i buy all his clothes. strategically placed hair… really…you can do better.


i'd buy if it everything was darker. the light colors change the mood.


ericaallyson - I bet your boyfriend is really thankful that your taste in fashion dicates what he wears, I know I love it when my mum buys my clothes.
Incidetally I know just what everyone's talking about when they say this doesnt look like a t-shirt design, it wasn't really drawn with that in mind, it was more an experiment in converting an existing picture. And yes, she is supposed to be scary and unsettling.
dr.loopy94 - you say that like it's a bad thing :)

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Really good art, but way too fuckin' creepy for me to consider wearing.


I know I shouldn't be saying this but she's a bit fat. Aren't fairies meant to be lithe or am I just succumbing to years of media hype


she's cool though, not scary or creepy at all

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