Gay Rainbows

another design i drew while bored in class. enjoy.

thought it might make people laugh.

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another design i drew while bored in class. enjoy.

thought it might make people laugh.


oh noes. maybe for busted tees or one of those other tee sites?

caffein blues

Usually I skip those designs that I don't like, without giving them a score. Unless the design makes me upset. Like this one.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Now I am craving Fruit Stripe gum. And buttsex, of course. 1


There are many colors in the homo rainbow!!!


AHHHH UNAPPROPRIATE... thank god there were no little kids around when i oppened this... they might've been scarred for life... like I am... with my friend Moose. shame, shame.


i dunno, i think it is kinda funny


This makes me gay (original definition!)

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

this is pretty dumb, and not funny. Not because its offensive, but because its pretty much the humor of an 8 year old.


being a rainbow rape victim, I find this design extremely insensitive.


I say we should take back the rainbows as it seems unfair for a small group to corner the market like that. "Oh, we'll take refracted light" man, what's left for us hetros :-)

noponies profile pic Alumni

the rainbows are not overtly masculine, so the gay part doesn't really come across that well. Perhaps they needed a mustache. At the moment its more like Rainbows are androgynous.


wait, i DO get it, but only on the weekends


and the mouth, but only on wednesdays


If any of the above negative comments are serious then that's pretty sad.

"Unappropriate"? (That's not even a word) and "Rape victim"?

Get a grip.


im going to email you for more information ms northern beaver


i think im just gonna blog in here


i feel at home, i dunno why though

mad cat

I think this is super cute!


i think YOURE super cute momomomomo


sorry but this was in poor taste


worst short ever.


theres a thing for this... rape.


Wasn't this a scene in Kids?
That one rainbow's going to get HIV.
But that doesn't make him gay.


This is NOT Threadless material. Try your design elsewhere.


ignoring the concept, the execution is pretty sad. it doesn't really look like you spent any time on the design, or selecting the colors. plus it's a tired concept. sorry, but it's true. better luck next time, friend.


I can't believe you would make something like this. Not only is it offensive to the gay community, but it's completely inappropriate for a site of Threadless. Zero.


Umm... no.


i dunno... looks like they're both having a good time... nothing wrong with consensual sex, as far as i'm concerned. rainbows need love, too!


This is really disturbing. I'm surprised actually that no homosexual rights group has gotten after you. Yet.


how come the rainbows have to have buttsex? is that the only characteristics of those who are the gay variety?

do they not cuddle?


This is stupid as hell, This is a complete waste of 4 seconds of my life


The design is tasteless and the humor is overused. Have some sense next time - this is offensive.


Bullshit. This isn't offensive to "the gay communtity". If you are offended, speak for yourself, but I am part of said "gay community" and I'm not offended at all. Granted, the shirt isn't great, but offensive? Get over yourselves.


I'm gonna agree with VampMN. The shirt isn't great, but as a gay man, I'm not offended here. We gays are not a humorless sort and not all gay pokes (no pun intended) are found to be tasteless and offensive.


Ive never laughed so hard :) (not at the shirt ) but at all the postings sooooo interesting


haha! this is funny because - wait. no it's not.


i am so over crap designs with googgly eyes. the design is not offensive its just less than bad.


I think it's awesome and I'm gay. I'm tired of seeing shirts with only male/female images on them on this site, I'd love to see some with same-sex images as well.


I think this is hilariouse!!! I also think its funny that all the straight people are the ones that think its offensive.


$0 for sure.

susie q89

the design is not that great. rainbows have more then three colors and they are not all rasta colors. but it is a little inappropreate. not because of the subject necessarily but because i wouldnt want to have to see that when i was walking down the street. its just to crude for me and i would be offended. but maybe thats just me being a prude. i think the idea is OK but the way it was portrayed is lousy.

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