I'm a newbie. Be gentle. shudder

Watch this

I'm a newbie. Be gentle. shudder


that looks cool
but its pretty depressing


This design is very good. It conveys alot of emotion.


The design is beautiful

konami kode

reminds me of The Sandman entrapped in crystal.


beautiful! but sad. the only change i would suggest is to lose the text, i don't think it's needed - which is actually a huge compliment.


I agree with no text and I would like it a bit bigger on the shirt. I think it is awesome


This is lovely but so sad


Yeah, either lose the text... or curve it around the bubble...

It could stay if you were creative with it somehow.


Lose the text, but it's a nice illustration for a first-timer :)


lose the text and make the design bigger (and centered). it's pretty though.


it should be larger and more central - the text isn't really necessary - the thing that bugs me most is the large circle of white against the dark background - i'd prefer if the circle faded into dark grey or black so that the overall shape was more of a crescent or incomplete circle


rudra - she's in a bubble of sorts. thanks for looking though. And thanks for everyone else's comments too.


get rid of the text, the image is beautiful by itself, make it larger and center it! i like the design.


I agree that the image is strong enough without the text.


Powerful illustration! Lose the text. First two submissions are great! Keep it up!


no text plz. i love the girl~ :)


no text, and please don't change it to centered, the position is perfectly fine :)
but it is depressing indeed..


wow. it's like a cd cover but better. $5


does she have a scrotum? if so, $5.


no text and bigger and its a 5 and mayb $ ryt now its a 4


Good illustration, and I agree with losing the text. Nice work


$ without text


This is maybe the only time I'll ever say this: but I'd like the design to be centered... on the back!

The Winged Self

oh no...please no text! It's such a great design! I'll $5 it anyways though.


Best design I've seen all day. Would buy it. Well done!


yea i agreee that the text should be taken out and the image enlarged.


no text please... im also not fond of its position on the shirt... otherwise its a real nice design


text would be fine but...better typography please

Soup at hand

I like it but a little bigger.
and maybe put the image on the bottom corner.


Your second design, your second 3 from me. : )


mmm. i wouldnt leave it on the side, surround it by a circle and on the side makes it looks like a factory uniform


The design is way too goth for me. It's decent art, but I can almost see the kind of person who'd wear that, and they look horrible. But I'm supposed to be voting on art, so here's my review:

The character looks very poorly drawn. The style has potential, but it is too sketchy for me. Plus, the way the moon is placed looks odd, though I can't tell why.

I give it a 2.


lmao - well, BrickTea it isn't a moon, it's a bubble that she's IN. I'll bet that's why it looks weird as a moon. Additionally, if my figure is poorly drawn (and I would like to state that she's supposed to be dark and sketchy which was actually a stretch for me as my drawing is usually realism), I'd love to know what your criteria is for a well-done drawing. Are impressionists or abstract artist lousy at their crafts?

Lastly - where are your designs? I'd love to see what a superior artist you are.....


take away the text. im sure others have said that before me. I like it tho.


Not to completely change the intent of your design, but it would be great to make the bubble the moon and add craters. I love the style, btw. Your designs show great great potential.

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