Rockin' Abe

Four score seven years ago, he decided to rock the world.

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Four score seven years ago, he decided to rock the world.

dr. loopy94

guitar couldve been drawn way better....but anyway first coment! woot!


I wish my life was complete over being the first comment.

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Add a tongue, do a better guitar. Otherwise nice.. Funny.


Nice style and nice idea but could have been done better.

konami kode

yeh, the guitar undermines what (otherwise) is a nicely designed character. I see three knobs, three of those little doohickeys that are attached to the ends of the strings, 5 pegs, and 3 or 5 strings... Anyhow, the guitar could use some work.


this reminds me of bill and teds excellent adventure for some reasons.


yeah, jazz up the guitar a little more and it's great


this is based off the newgrounds cartoon "dad's home"

or at least to me it is.


I love the idea, and the colours in the design really suit that shirt colour. The guitar does need to be a bit more interesting, though.


Style reminds me of Invader Zim. I like.


Love it but make it 5 colors. like a red white and blue guitar. it would only take about 10 seconds and the paint bucket tool


I didn't know it was Lincoln until I saw the title, and I think it needs to be a bit smaller.


Place it on the pec and smaller.


awesome i love it 5 5 5


why o why on that awful colour??? good pic though...shame about the shirt colour


a little more for the guitar, but this shirt ROCKS. just like abe.

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I didn't know Tom Petty had grown a beard...

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Yeah it needs to be smaller too..

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