cut here.

not sure if this has been done before, but anyway...

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not sure if this has been done before, but anyway...


i love this, but a bit iffy about the scissors... i want to be able to see al of them!!


great..........!! Love it, very simple, graphic nice colours. good luck!

dr cetema

Excellent work!


so cute :] :] but i agree with verena, i think you should be able to see all of the scissors, not just the half. other than that, it's perfect i love it

mahalov profile pic Alumni

this might be the most popular idea on threadless haha, sorry i've seen it a lot before


great idea. other colors would be cooler in my opinion


No the scissors should be half hidden---that is how they are on all the "cut here" lines on elementery school handouts.


emo but i like it... the scissors need fixing b4 i'd buy it


I agree with insolity.. that's how scissors look on cut here lines. Like the other half of them is under the page (or shirt) cutting.


i'm so SICK of these.

this was nicely done though, maybe something else other then a heart.


clever. who cares about the emo, still clever as hell. and i mean, what point would there be in cutting out someone's kidney? it's gotta be a heart.


yeah, the scissors were purposely made that way. everything that i've ever seen that instructed someone to 'cut here' has always had the tiny scissor graphic sort of cut in half to give the appearance of the one scissor arms being stuck into something.

thanks for the comments!


There is no "fixing" to be done on the scissors! And the design is about the heart, the phrase/sentiment "cut out my heart." It's a bit too emo for my use, but it is very well done! Good luck!



mezo profile pic Alumni

A little too boring & generic. But it is sharp and clean. Try something with more depth and color.


I like it! Simple is good. In response to hurricane_xx, what the heck would you have him cut out, his liver?! Also, I think I'd go with a duller color, maybe gray. $5


I have seen this idea so much it kills me that she innocently says "not sure if this has been done." I ain't saying she's a liar, just half-retarded (in the most politically incorrect way possible).


IMO, the heart is too far over to left of the shirt (right when you look straight at it) esp. since it's an outline of a real anatomical heart instead of a


**instead of the commonly drawn heart


I like the shirt but its the wrong place. If you cut where it says to, you will be cutting up your lungs not your heart. your heart is in the center.


Anatomically incorrect. The heart is in the center of your chest. It bulges out to the left.


i joined threadless a week ago. i had no idea how many cut out heart designs, if any, had been submitted.

The Sam

emo yet incredible, great job, i love it

.onion profile pic Alumni

It's been done quite a few times, really.


it has been done several times
but none have been printed and i kind of want one



I'm in LOVE.




finally a cool tee-shirt!


i like it but i wouldn't WANT someone to cut out my heart.


I think it should have the ventricles and tubes and whatnot. And it could have some paint splatter or text. Like, I'd suggest "Cut my heart out." on the back, near the shoulderblade.


i would not pay 15 bucks for something that i could do to my own shirt


Pretty awesome!



i like it but there are too many heart cut designs to supply all the doctors from here to timbucktoo. abd BeeBeeBones has a point. i could just do this with a marker

  1. This has been done a billion times. Enough with the hearts, we get it already.
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni kills me still how many people will not do a simple search before they submit a design they think they are genuises for thinking up before anyone else has...o wait, like 20 or so people have thought this idea up in pretty much the same fashion! It's always been an OK idea, but like lemonalle's blog attests, if it hasn't been printed before with some of the other more stylish and artistic takes on this topic, it ain't gonna get printed now. Welcome to Threadless tho. And please don't submit anything that is a random collage of clipart pics if that was your next idea.

The Winged Self

this has been done before. Almost identical, actually.


maybe if the heart was placed properly......its in the middle of your chest not next to your shoulder. oi.


I like the concept.... but I don't know if I would buy it.

William Beaumont

nice, very nice. its so good i can see why you think it may have been done before it a great idea.

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