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  • by namgorf
  • posted Jan 28, 2007

This was a poster I made, but I feel it would also make a great shirt. Not really the artsy edgy stuff that normally makes up threadless, but then again, zombies need some old school splattered blood.

Watch this

This was a poster I made, but I feel it would also make a great shirt. Not really the artsy edgy stuff that normally makes up threadless, but then again, zombies need some old school splattered blood.


It feels like it's missing something...maybe some braaaaaaains!


I think it's a cool poster, but I don't like it on a tshirt.


that is such a badass shirt!!! i'd totally buy it! :)

Frank Vice

why is there like a world war 2 gun on it?


Brains would be nice. I hate this font, though. But excellent otherwise. 3 as is.

Vaden III

frank... c'mon man, lay off the WWII gun. when the zombies come, you take what you can get. though redhead has a point. the font is killing me, to the extent that i would venture to say that it's killing me faster than any zombie could possibly manage. so plain! so unapocolyptic! so bad!

in general though, i like


if you could get the font that the 28 days later poster hasthat'd be cooler, 4 as is


i like everything but the font


sorry it looks like a national terror shirt...jihad or something...


Come on, man! You fight zombies with a cricket bat, everyone knows that!

You should read "World War Z.: An Oral History of the Zombie War." It's actually incredibly well thought out... brings up a lot of issues of a zombie war you'd never think of.


it would've been cooler if you had a cricket bat (ala Shaun of the Dead) instead of that old school gun thing.....


lol... hadn't seen semanti's comment! here, here! a cricket bat is in order!!


i like it... it is of course inspired by the cover of "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" by max brooks who also wrote the "world war z" book.


inspired by? looks more like a rip-off.


it was inspired by the max brooks book, I have a signed hard cover copy I got as gift. It's a really funny book. The reason I chose those 2 weapons were the same reason he has them on his book cover. The carbine semi-automatic rifle and the machete are the best weapons in the event of a out break. I did however draw mine myself. I didn't intend for it to be a rip off by any means.


I like it, but I just can't get behind that font. If the text were cleaner, I'd buy it.


what do you guys suggest? I'm new to what's cool around here, I've been making designs for horror companies and such.


and to be clear, i said 'inspired by' since it was not a copy - both items are sufficiently different.


i like the idea...but i think it needs s0me tweaking liike cooler more modern guns and smaller/different font. I dunno maybe like a crest type dealy


I really do wish there were more thought given to the typesetting. But I completely support the sentiment.


For some reason, I think it would be neat if you could design some kind of zombie-killing crest around the weapons... then you wouldn't even need the words.


it should have been a baseball bat instead of a sword, and it would be cool if you had the silouhettes of a bunch of zombies behind it all!


Zombies are the coolest thing out there right now. Way cooler than unicorns. I'd buy three.


What about some positive thoughts!!!!
Some people still don't get enough of war and doom-gloom-day promotions! It needs to go!
Just my opinion!


I love this design. Totally and completely. I'd buy it the day it came off and would overwear it!


It seems like you are trying hard to be random. Me no likey.


i rather like it as it. but that's just me


yay - I like, I buy. 5$


Personally, I love zombie shirts...but I think they're getting played out.

besides, who uses a machete when warding off zombies? it'll dull out from the blood.

mlle. la coccinelle

Sweet. Couldn't "Zombie Apocalypse" be changed to 'Zombpocalypse'? Just a suggestion.


And I think SemantiTheft above is on to something... I don't like the "Zombie Apocalypse"... it beats you over the head.


The font is no good, IMO. Otherwise my boyfriend would be in love with this shirt


I love it! It just needs a shovel.


definitely ready for the zombocalypse.


YESSSS!!! go go! please vote high cuz i want this so bad!! and my guy would totally die if i got this for him too.


Bring the pain. Death to the undead. With a friggin' machete.


I'd probably change the font - or even just roughen it up some. The rest me likey.

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