blue_orchid_jack aka Aimee Robinson is a 16.41 year old girl, has been a member since November 11, 2006, has scored 6 submissions, giving an average score of 2.17.

what is this? what are submissions and an average score?

also when my t-shirts arrive will I be able to take more than one photo of each shirt to get more points? or are you just allowed to do it the once?


Watch this

ooops also, is there a way you can find out what is the most popular shirt at the current time?

She Says So

just one photo.

the most popular shirt ever is flowers in the attic.

and when you score t shirt designs it creates satistics which are displayed by your username.


When you look at the shirt submissions, you score them, 0-5$. The "average score" just shows what you've scored on submission. Yes, you can enter photos and get points.


Oh yeah, only one photo per shirt, what She Says So said.


Ohhh I see, also i was wondering, how would i go about making my own shirt to be sold? what process would I have to go through to do this?..


I have a question aslwell, does anyone remember a submission with a tree coming out of a polaroid. That was my favorite submission ever, and I keep trying to search and find it but have been unsuccessful becasue I am unable to remember the design or the designer's name... any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


threadless is like a contest. . .you make a design for a shirt and everyone's scores determines if it'll be printed or not.

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