Soda Bottle Racism

  • by Dogma
  • posted Jan 26, 2007

Stop the Hate.

Watch this

Stop the Hate.

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Not Bad. I like it!


This is funny, but I don't think it will get printed.


Fuck that. Coke Rules. FUCK PEPSI.


pepsi rules dip shit.. sorry..=)


One time, I was in this Friday's resturant. On the wall they were advertising Pepsi. When I ordered one the waitress asked me if a Coke was ok..... My head exploded shortly after.

Entropy Kid

Hehe, this discussion is turning almost as religous as all the Jesus shirt threads


Feel like its not finished drawing could be refined but liek the idea.


never be printed, copyright problem


I figured as much, but seeing as Threadless has approved it for scoring there must not be a copyright issue. Seems unfair to allow something to be scored when it would never be printed due to copyright issue. I should have been notified and I wasn't so I think its ok.

It's "Coca Cool" and "PEPS!" anyways. The only thing in question would probably be the Pepsi symbol. And frankly I would look beyond that when scoring the design.

Just Chillin

$5!!!!! i really like the commentary it has.


this is a great shirt. I'm buying it if it gets printed for sure. 5.


I'm really liking it man. This is a solid idea you've had for a while and i've always been behind it.

5 dolla


While it's not direct copyright, names and symbols with close resemblance can be (and has been) subject to lawsuit. Coke has actually done it in the past . While I agree that threadless wouldn't allow voting for a shirt that wouldn't be printed, I still they could catch a whole lot of flak for this if it gets printed.

Nice idea though.


Great idea, i don;t think it would get printed with the trademark name and everything. Change it to fruit or veg racism!


Is it really racism? Why couldn't it be classicm or sexism (maybe Peps! is a girl), homophobia (maybe Peps! is gay)... anyway, I'm knitpicking....

konami kode

Probably could've gotten away with creating a new Pepsi-ish logo, but that is a glaring trademarking issue.
As far as the shirt goes... I like the concept, the art could be tightened up A LOT.
i would've loved to see a Coke/Pepsi gang fight a la 'Beat It' but that's just me.


Pepsi is such a little pussy.


i would've liked to see a diet coke in there..


love it!
i also collect coke cans so it's awesome


I'd like to assume that copyright issues are no longer a problem if the design has been allowed into the competition- which it is. If this is NOT the case then Threadless isn't doing it's job when it approves designs for the running.

So if we assume that it is, I'd ask people to judge the shirt assuming there is no copyright issue.

Thanks for all the comments and constructive criticism.


Coca Cool? Lol...
WOW. This is humorous.
I wouldn't wear it, but I give a 4 for the design itself.


The shadows are really good, btw.


Coke Heavy kicks Pepsi's butt, however Diet Pepsi beats the stink off of Diet Coke!


threadless has had there share of printed designs with infringement issues

to argue that just cause it was accepted to the comp clears it from any possible copyright problems is a flawed argument.

it is not as if the judging panel is comprised of IP attorneys

that said.... pepsi is freaking fowl....


I'm not saying there isn't a problem with the copyright issue. I'm saying that if there is it shouldn't have been allowed to compete in the first place.

Since it has been, I would hope that people could look past it and view the design ASSUMING copyright won't come into play down the road.


Wow. This is such an amazing idea. 5 without question.

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Beverages with faces!!!!


I'm definitely on Coke's side. Pepsi has caused nothing but trouble in this society. I'm glad you chose Coke as the dominant soda race. It could be no other way.


Coke is the dominant soda race. It was no mistake that you chose Pepsi look-alike as the minority. Three cheers for your design.


Could be executed better, like with an added, 'Red's Only' sign, or something. But good, none the less.


haha. i'd totally buy this =D


"RC Cola" LOL!! I'm too poor to buy Coke... So instead, I drink Coca-Cool...


Mmm, racism all over my body.

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