Something other than white!

  • by keightdee
  • posted Jan 26, 2007

Pleeeaasseeee. Cream, maybe. Gray?

Watch this

yep....not a big fan of white....


i hate khaki. i bought two shirts in khaki. i regret them everyday.


this illustration is so bomb though. john2 is the man.


I hate white. I own one white shirt. I love it, but I hardly ever wear it. Too white.


I agree with corneli. There has been way too many creme, natural, and khaki colored designs. White is nice, especially for this design.

Allison Claire

I agree that there have been loads of creme/natural shirts but I would have bought this on grey or any other colour because white is too transparent. In the picture you can plainly see that she had to wear a tank top underneath. I wouldn't pay for a shirt that I'll have to wear another one under all of the time.


you can only see the tank top because it's also white, and she is probably only wearing it because it is obviously so cold!

I have natural coloured bras and can wear them under much sheerer fabrics than that.


How about white just does not look good on me! Pasty pale blonde girls don't wear the colour well.

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