What size to get?

what size do you guys think i should get? i usually buy size small shirts more often than size medium but i dont really like my shirts that tight. are the girls shirts like really stretchy and supposed to be tight? or are they not so stretchy? thanks!

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they're pretty stretchy, but they shrink slightly if you put them through the dryer. you can always hang them up to dry, but if you don't want to do that, I'd say get medium sized shirts.

spooky trees

do you think a large girly tee would fit a guy who wears large on threadless?


To determine what size to get, I measured one of the shirts I already own (that fits the way I like it) and then compared it to the measurements on the size charts on the site (in the service section). I usually get smalls in other shirts, but the American Apparel ones seem a little tighter. Good luck with figuring out your size!


For the guys shirts, it seems like the small is too small for me and the medium is too big. :\


a large girly tee is a touch smaller than a small guys spooky trees

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