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Hands off!

Well, I know braille designs have been done, and mine's not all that pretty either, but I thought, why the heck not. I felt like making it anyway.

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Alpha Ryan

Well, I know braille designs have been done, and mine's not all that pretty either, but I thought, why the heck not. I felt like making it anyway.


I like the irony of this. Very nice.


they look like dominos


I thought they were dominos too at first, But now I think its funny! HA HA


^i'm guessin at 'hands off' mate!

nice, simple but pretty clever


This is Sweet! I love this for so many personal reasons!


I would lose the first block. It makes it confusing becuase to those who don't know braille, they would just think it's an extra letter

Brett F.

i actually thought they were dominoes


Yeah, I like the idea, but I don't know braille, so to me it looks like there are extra letters.


At first I thought they were dominos...


That it was dominos first too. If this is how braille is actually printed then keep the outlines. Wouldn't this be considered a type tee? I Really like the irony in it.


yeah i thought these were dominos and then i was like im duuuumb

Phil 404


the people who would understand this will ever see it ...
the designer himself says it's not very original and doesn't even like it. so I'll do him a favour and give my first 0 for quite a while.


a little higher...position on girl is not good.


reminds me of that bad pick up line:

oh im sorry, i thought that was a braille name tag

i know i know, inice way to be insensitive
my friend says that to every girl he meets...


It works for chicks, but not for dudes. However, it might actually draw more attention to the girl. "Hey, baby, what's the stuff on your boobs mean?"


i like it.. the brail should just be higher cause then with it low it would make me look saggy. otherwise it's good. $4


it'd be pretty awesome in flocked (fuzzy) letters. i agree that the graphic should be higher on both chests


With a bit more work I think this would be pretty awesome! $4


i don;'t think each character should be in a box... looks too much like dominos


puffy ink ftw?


the guys design should be lower....much lower. ;)


Looks a lot like Dominoes. I feel bad for the girl though becuase we know how blind people read. Touch touch.


take away the domino 3-D look. just have the "letters" squared off or divided by lines. if could also say "what, are you blind?


i agree with Marlo---take away the boxes

otherwise so cute


no boxes, bigger dots on coral, or eggplant or blue, somthing not so plain PLEASE.



I thought they were dominoes and that the dots on the dominoes spelled something. I think you should take out the boxes. See, the funny thing is that the only way you'd really be reading braille is by feeling it, so you can't keep your hands off. It's clever. I like it.


Pretty funny on a woman's chest.. It would be even funnier if Threadless could somehow emboss them....


not very original...
got a shirt like this already...


i like the "What, are you blind suggestion from dobie1kanobie. because people are a little confused at first. I got it, but that's just me. i DO love to concept so hilarious. but make it a little more obvious that's its braille for other people. lol so funny, i'd wear it.


Thats awesome... my blind friend has made a bunch of actual braille shirts (with puff paint), his tend to be a lot more vulgar though. kudos!

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