Fighting With Science!

My first design, hope you like it!

Watch this

My first design, hope you like it!


I can take this idea and make it work?


karissa i love this.


AWESOME! I am going to be the first to get it!


I like it, but I don't get it. Are those pens instead of base pairs?


so, yes? okay!!! ima gonna do it!


nope! i have plans for this if it doesn't make it.


karissa is number one


Love the idea.. but I couldn't really tell that they were bullets. Keep re-working maybe?


i would let j ray show you what he can do with it.

they look more like lite brite pieces


i'm well open to suggestions, i just don't want anyone submitting my work as their own! i'd love to see what someone more professional than me would do with it, though, so don't hesitate to tell me.

Cat in the Hat

if you do some work on it..i would totally buy it


This is a great idea. I would prefer it to be in colours that work better together, something a bit more subtle. Even metalic looking shades would be good.


Kill okay maybe I'll draw something and share it in a blog or something... I'm kind of frustrated at the moment cuz my scanner decided to stop working }:( So I am having trouble getting my drawings into Illustrator.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yeah..this is a cool concpet which wasn't executed the best it could've been...scratch the little multi-colored stickies and make the DNA chain more chainish...and make it sag in the middle as it rises up to the other buy this WAYYYYYYYYYY over the Owen merit badge competition winner...


I REALLY like this, but I agree with Frickenawesome, make it more belt looking, with the sag and whatnot, and maybe...I dunno, something with the end of the bullets? In those bright colors they kindof look like markers or something. Fix that and I would buy this in a heartbeat.


I couldn't tell they were bullets. I thought they were markers. That made me excited, because I thought you were going for an "art is part of my DNA" thing. But oh well.


those are bullets? I thought they were markers!! I thought you were commenting on traditional art (paiting, drawing, ect.) with digital art or something...


Hey Karissa..I would definitely buy it..wouldn't change a thing..




I know it's been said a lot, but I also couldn't tell they were bullets. Maybe changing the colours? something more "ammo"ish.


Awesome design - love the title.


I couldn't tell that they were bullets either. However, I am giving it a 5.

plastic taxi cab?

You should probably stop telling your friends(or fake accounts you made) to not post those lame positive comments, it doensn't really help the score. But like others said, good idea, but I think you could execute it better, they look like markers.

plastic taxi cab?

And your first day here was my birthday! Haha, if that has anything to do with anything.


i wouldn't tell people what to vote or how to comment and be serious about it, of course! thank you. i'm currently working on sketches to make the bullets look more realistic - i'll try to post them in a blog before the voting ends. thanks for all the positive feedback!


i need a suggestion - would you rather see larger, fewer twists in the double helix, or smaller ones like the one pictured on the model? i'm working on a few sketches and want to know which one people think would look better. also, any specific suggestions for the color of the bullets?


I think it looks good with the smaller twists. Clean it up just a bit, and it would be $5!


take a look at what .50 caliber bullet looks like, I mean actual size (about the size of your index finger). use that as size reference. My best guess is they should be a little bit bigger than they are now. I think the colors are fine. The white could be a little more 3-dimensional for the twist effect.


I'm not getting bullets out of this. I see markers.


i saw crayons.. but i like the idea. i say change the colors, and rework it to look more like bullets


Science = Love.
War/Fighting/Guns = Hate.
Love is full of hate...that being
said this shirt is amazing.


OMGosh! i would so buy this! I love the whole DNA chaine helix thing! Print this tee and it will sell!


Hottness. Well done. Not to jump on the band wagon but.. the marker bullet thing. I know your working on it and I can't wait. Hope to see it soon.

And plastic taxi cab?, c'mon, either you like the design or not. No need to accuse her of scoring her own with fake accounts.


thanks everyone!! i'll try getting a few drafts up by tomorrow evening, when voting's supposed to end.


$5...I could tell they're bullets because they're in a bandolier going across the chest.

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