An Ironic Escape

  • by Paulige
  • posted Jan 19, 2007

Just thought of this idea so had to draw it before i forgot it. Hope you like it and please feel free to comment.

Watch this

Just thought of this idea so had to draw it before i forgot it. Hope you like it and please feel free to comment.

Brett F.

that's so damn sad. because my first instinct was
"it's an adorable bear drifting down into a horrible bear trap death"

but then after re-reading the title i thought
"yay! he's getting away!"

wouldn't buy this on a shirt, next time you need to draw something feel free. just don't submit it for me to waste my time looking at.

Heavy Eyeliner

That's Not Very Nice.
I Happen To Like This Though.
It's Cute, And Playful. $4


I think to have him escaping you need to have the string of the balloon taut so it's clear he's being pulled upwards... otherwise it does look kind of upsetting! ;)


yer i know what u mean - brett f, u got a problem mate so sort it out and say something constructive for a change. Thanks to everyone who gave gd comments


I want just the cute!


Pop quiz, does anyone actually know the proper use of "irony"

staffell profile pic Alumni

how is this ironic?


I didn't know Alanis Morisette submitted designs to threadless.


awwwww... so sadly cute!


i'm tired of people misusing the word ironic.


ok the design is suppose to be scored not the title so if u wouldnt mind doing that , that wuld b great...


if you could learn the correct use of the English language that WOULD BE great


I really like the concept, but maybe develop it some more?

.onion profile pic Alumni

This is so plain it makes me cringe.


I'll be constuctive! To start, I like it. But as onion said it's a little plain. You could color it in. Or if you prefer the sketchy look just do like a background to it or something... I'm done. 4 for now..


thanks for ur comments and yer i agree it looks plain but i was going for the sketchy look but ill remember ur comments when designing sketches in the future


eeah i agree, it looks like the start of a good sub, but not nearly finishd


Too simple, I'm afraid.


the dangerous part of the trap would be over his head anyway

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

simple and great 5$


Irony Definition From Reality Bites: "It's when the actual meaning is the complete opposite from the literal meaning. "

Yabi Kuro

I might be stupid, but why is this "ironic"?


ok maybe i got confused with the meanin lol it was a late nite wen i designed this

Paper Bell

I agree that you could develop this design more. It is a great concept. I love the bear!!


Tres cool design... what if the balloon was coloured in? I like the simpicity/plain design. Just imagine if the balloon popped! Teddy bear cruelty groups would be out in force!


Is it ironic to make a t-shirt titled "An Ironic Escape" and have it not be ironic?


yes it is actually, nice little theory


hmm, maybe if you made the bear trap smaller and a little more to the right (my right, left if it's worn) it would look like the bear (the cute little bear) is getting away. I still like it.

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