• by slipper1
  • posted Jan 15, 2007

Watch this

i think this is a really cool idea...
but that it needs to go to chaos a little slower...
like, maybe fade into red or something...
seems a little blunt as it is.


very blunt. and a little big.


agree with the above comments. cool idea, just needs to be perfected.


i also agree with the above comments.


You could graduate into the chaos... er, I think it's called chaosduating. Also, the 6, 7, 8, 9 wouldn't follow sequentially in a world of chaos (unless it was by accident.. wow)


I agree with the other comments, but very cool idea


I love it! it toatally reminds me of myself! i agree with the fading though, and i think it should be on like, a dark blue background with a white rectangle to look like a barcode


Yeah i like the idea but agree the colours should fade gradually and the chaos should be me gradual also.


I already own "what's the cost?"... so I'm afraid i wouldn't buy this. How many bar code shirts does one really need?


....leave it exactly how it is. no fading or subtlety, it loses power that way.


Not to sound rude but this idea is a bit of a cliche to the point to where I know I have seen this done many times over. The size is too big as if it is trying too hard to make the non-conformist statement. I would also reconsider placement, the center of the chest is the typical graphic area, for a different impact, try decreasing the scale of the graphic and maybe only chaos-ify one line or number and place the graphic in a lower corner. Conceptually, this piece has weight, but it loses its impact when it appears to be overdone and too bold.


i'll let the barcode cliche slide, because there's always gonna be someone that does it better than the last.
but i do agree with the transitioning into the warped bars and the red color a bit more.
and i'd jumble up the numbers a bit more.


I like it - it is a great paly on the overdone barcode them - sexxydanielle - that is not very nice - if you are going to be critical atleast let them know how thwy can improve, let's be constructive.


and I will try proof reading before posting - that should be play and they!

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hey...and if you change the black part of the barcode to blue, you could make a cliche capitalism statement as well as your cliche non-conformist statement. Still, i like this...


I would like to see it on a different color shirt because the black graphic on the white shirt creates too much contrast which in my opinion actually takes away from the drama. I would suggest the same graphic (white barcode with red add ons) on a light to mid level gray shirt because black would do the same thing as the white does, the high contrast would take away the drama. I think it would look great (just my opinion) if it were on a gray shirt with a white barcode and then red highlights.

the mothership

this would be kind of cool if you made it a lot smaller and put it in the lower right hand corner of the shirt.


small image might make the message more subtle?


i like its boldness.


i like it


Not perfect, yes, but still GREAT. I'd buy it!

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