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Diamond Whale

  • by so_bright
  • posted Jan 14, 2007

Watch this

$5 That's awesome! I want it!


I really like this but it doesn't need the diamond. Why is there a diamond? It is not surreal. Whales don't need diamonds to be cool.


Awesome. Love it. $5


Diamonds bad. Whales good.


So that's where they come from... Cute design!

dusty bottoms

i can see a whole movie caper of bumbling crooks devising all kinds of crazy schemes to get the diamond out of the


I don't understand the diamond either. But he's a cute whale!


"Whales don't need diamonds to be cool." words to live by.


At first I thought it was just another boring whale shirt... then I saw the diamond. That just makes the whole design. Very cute!


I like the style


Ah. a whale. automatic 5&buy.


Sushi mama, that's either a blatant ripoff or this is the same artist.


Super cute


Super cute C: but I'd like the top and bottom colors switched ('top' meaning the parts above the water) 'cause I really, really don't understand why the top is lighter than the bottom |D


shrink it down a lil and you're golden.


WHAT A SHAME!!!! you're simply fake and disgusting...

PATHETIC copycat!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!... be smart, honest and if you aren't able to be creative designing by your own, in the name of GOD: leave it!!! go and try to sell shoes or hotdogs instead!!!

Do you think the world is big enough to hide Cerriteno's ORIGINAL talent???? SHAME ON YOU!!!! FAKE, PIECE OF SH...



luisav, sorry i didn't expect there is another work that is similar...i really like whale and other animals as in the fact that i am animal lover so i make whale i dont realize that was coincidental
i guess id be making more that is original (and maybe exciting)

so please accept my apologies if there's similar work...

sushi mama

There is a difference between similar work and a blatant rip-off. Your design duplicates Alberto Cerriteno's work too much to be a coincidence. This goes against what Threadless is all about.

And by the way... the original work is so much better!


a "similar" work? Don't be ridiculous.

That is OBVIOUSLY a copy. I hope there is a way to keep you from exploiting this community again. Blatant dishonesty.

Brett F.



How could you not just admit your obvious thievery!? Hilarious that you even think its conceivably a coincidence.

Liar Liar Pants on FIRE!!!!!


picasso says good artists copy; great artists steal.

good job.



Ha, well I have to admit that some part of me is glad to be copied, maybe that is a good signal of your work is spiring somebody else but definitely this is totally a blatant rip-off, you have to admit it Dancinghelicopter. Anyway just to clarify that we are not the same person and in case that this T-Shirt will be eligible for sell it (What I really don't believe) I want part of your earns! :)
By the way you can check out a couple of my real designs for Threadless here:


Probably ripped off. I liek the diamond idea, though.


Sorry Dancinghelicopter I made a mistake! the message was for So_bright.


okay, okay, i've got to admit it. i thought this d be nice like 'alternative' but not to aspire and albertoeca u've got yours icebreaker-and-beater. And one thing, i don't want to sell and i just want to put it on this site to see how ppl know it and judges by their opinions.

again, Sushi Mama you sure rocks the world of detectives. :) oh well any bombardment of comments or complaints are welcome in peace.




No problem albertoeca!

I'm glad you made him feel shameful of his lies.

Beautiful whale by the way! You should submit it!!!


HEHEHE... I feel sorry for people like you... you should apologize with yourself... first of all: APOLOGIZE with YOURSELF!!! and then you must apologize for disturbing people trying to deceive them! :S

Good luck! ;)

beesneak profile pic Alumni

The real sad thing is that this rip off design scored better than both of Alberto's awesome designs. What is the world coming to?


"And one thing, i don't want to sell and i just want to put it on this site to see how ppl know it and judges by their opinions."
that makes no sense. if you wanted people to judge your "art" there are sites for that that aren't T SHIRT DESIGN SITES. dumb.

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