• by goldkiss
  • posted Jan 13, 2007

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reminds me of the doll head from toy story. so so creepy.


Something in the girl's profile seems a little off to me, but I still like it a lot. 5.


Well done and interesting, but a little too eerie for my chest. Keep up the good work.


i like it! Creepy, but i can handle this one. I figured out what melissa332 was talking about- the girl's eyes are looking below where the dogs eyes are. Her head is tilted too low and it seems as if she's looking at the ground slightly past his nose. I suggest tchanging that, otherwise awesome! Keep it up.


holy crap thats awesome


goldkiss rules! goldkiss rules! this is a mechanical five&$


Thats just's tenderly creepy, it's full of love...and preety moving. Great work, mate. $5

dacat profile pic Alumni

Extremely well done, you've got serious skills $5


i love the green background, yellow ink option best. this is well done!


I like it very, very much :) just the girl's profile doesnt look very childish... But still great work


so tight. 5.


does the dog's head seem a little large to anyone else??

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

freakin cool 5


i agree, the girl's profile looks like that of an older woman but i like it so much anyway, $5.


Nice skills. It's a nice immediate-glance-satisfaction.


the girl's proportions arent anatomically correct, thats why she looks strange

thINK profile pic Alumni



thats so cool... $5... all the effing way...=)


Tocreepy for my taste, but this is very original, I'll give you that. 4

noponies profile pic Alumni

mean as keen as to have this shirt


extremely creepy


Too creepy. hides under covers


Her facial features are to much in line, makes her face look to long and flat... maybe that is also part of the problem. But even if you don't fix it I'll still buy it and wear it always, because it is so interesting, and creative. I like it best in the colors shown in the display.


creepy cool -- some people would probably do this to their dying dogs if they had the money and technology -- and kids wouldn't think it was creepy since the dog would try to lick them and want to play ( just watch out for those spike feet, kids ! )

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Bien bien les deux sur fond vert! :) Seulement les pattes me font trop penser à des pattes d'araignées, et j'ai très très peur des araignées. ^^ So it's a $5 for the dog and the girl and a 2 for the legs. ^^


oh what a cutey - we have a whippet and he looks like this!! We will buy it!! cool


Looks like someone saw Mars Attacks recently.

goldkiss profile pic Alumni

ahah... Mars Attacks, thank if you like this
"nonolarson tu devrait pas avoir peur des araignées t'est une grande fille maintenant ^_^ ..."

goldkiss profile pic Alumni

Oh la faute d'orthographe ! "tu devrais avec un "s" et pas avec "t" m'enfin

goldkiss profile pic Alumni

t'est la toi ! je croyais que t'avais perdu ton mac ^^

goldkiss profile pic Alumni

t'aurais pu signer "Organico" , merci pour ce deversement de fleurilèges mais je le merite pas ,.....
non je suis trop ...comment dire ... humble.....hum hum
serieusement ici on parle de mon visu et pas de moi ;) donc je te pris de t'arreter Mr !

Well thank for the great comment ! how much money you want now ?

goldkiss profile pic Alumni

oups me and my way of bringing back any ace me, I lost myself in my words and my English is really very bad sorry

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

did anyone else get a Wild Wild West flashback when they saw this concoction? (Kenneth Branugh's mechanical get-up in that flick?). And if youve seen that cinematic excrement in action, you'll know this is never a good flashback to have! Still, interesting design and well-drawn, but not for me.


Something else seems off wit the girl to me. I think it's that her side profile makes her right leg clearly visible but not her right arm. That's totally possible; her right arm could down by her side. But the visual juxtaposition does something to the brain. Like i wanna either see the figure's right side fully obscured as though perfectly aligned from the side, or fully visible as though at an angle. The fact that i'm still looking at it is a testament to the artwork. It gets my vote.


Creative idea. Best one I've seen yet. The dog illustration is great! Its the first time Ive seen a shirt on this website that wasn't
a) graffitti
b) sexy space girl
c) generic splatter print

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i thought i commented already, but i really really love your style, goldkiss. i love your "horror melody" sub the most


Good lord that's disturbing.

But I do love your style. The little girl is adorable, and the contrast between her and that horrid creature you've drawn is really intriguing. 4


I love the little girls dress

se5k profile pic Alumni

i don't feel like the style of the dog head goes with the rest ... its almost like clip art ... but the rest is nicely illustratory ... i dunno


Kinda scares me...


It's pretty greyhound looking and adorable :] I would buy it $


reminds me of the dog in mars attacks

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