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  • posted Jan 09, 2007

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is this supposed to be clever?

tesco profile pic Alumni

bitterbunny being a bitter dickhead^

I think it is clever and beautifly done, too. 5$


I hate it when people are stupid........case and point bitterbunny. Nice work..maybe give the jaw a bit more detail on the right


Really well done. I agree with the other suggestions regarding the teeth. I'm not sure if bitterbunny is venting about his midget nuts or is just 'slow' with a legitimate question. The design works well. Just a little touching up.


cool, i dont really like skulls but i'll give you 4 for design


Sweet design. I'd like to see it on different colours though as I abhor black or white t-shirts.


there is nothing original about this in its design or execution. random elements lifted from other people's work does not make a worthwhile shirt.


This is supposed to be a mockery of trendwhores right? Right? Oh god... please say I'm right.


Bitterbunny..until you submit work of your own...SHUT IT, you do not reserve the right to attack this design and or any other. So unless you can produce a "worthwhile" comment, back off


bitterbunny and g-net are lame, it's not their fault the designer and the rest of you all are possessed of extra chromosomes giving you extra insight into how sweet and ingenious this really is. it really is. really. seriously. ernesto would so fricking wear this.


tucks shirt into pants and proceeds to puke into own collar


I posses an extra chromosome?? WOW SWEET! and I must be "sleep posting" too because I never remembered saying that this design was "sweet and ingenious"....this site is supposed to help, not denounce the work of others


p.s BB you have a slogan that states "Che Guevara".........


i'm sorry, i wasn't paying attention, i was too busy at my job getting paid for designing shirts to respond promptly.

worthwhile comments? ok, first, ignoring the inconsistency of the implied Guevara reference in a capitalist venture, the image has been used so many times it lacks any impact. Same goes for the flock of birds, swirls, and halftone dots which also look like they are simply brushes and show no ability of the artist. the reverse image of white on a black shirt looks terrible and is confusing to the eye. the simple black and white vector image looks sterile and lifeless.

if the intention was to simply make an aesthetically pleasing design, then involving such overused imagery was a mistake.

there, is that better, children?


bitterbunny is one of them well read hippy types


first off, sweet opening line...... second, don't try and pretend like we called you stupid. I don't doubt that you know what your talking about, but don't call my refrence to Che inconsistant. The truth is CHE GUEVARA as a person is overused.It's evident when you see his face on the chests of middle school girls. Not many people even know who and what Che stood for. Just because you put his name in text doesn't give it any more power than this.....p.s If you design shirts professionally you should know that birds and swirls sell, they might not be original, but not everything can be....p.p.s I don't like Che.....p.p.p.s I'm glad you were able to state why you didn't like this design


simply because something (swirls, birds, halftones, etc.) sells, does not make it a good design. i base my scores on whether or not it is a good design, not if i think it will sell. if everyone on threadless did the same, the quality of the shirts they print would be higher overall.


did I say I ranked it a 5$, no, for all you know I could have ranked it a 0... and pretty much everyone on threadless does vote that way...get with it, and stop discouraging people

Doc Scrooge

didn't I just score a design similar to this one, but with color?


Threadless designs are printed based on a few things. The design's score, number of comments left on the scoring page, and number of "I'd buy it"s that were checked off during the voting process.

True. Che is used a lot. A LOT. But I rather enjoy the new take on him. Skulls, birds, and swirls may not be original -- but they all work well here. Great design, visual_80, I hope some of your works get printed soon.


thank you outlaw01


decent design but done to death.... thats a lot of 'Ds'.


finally a well executed design 5!


well executed design! where?!?


you are pompous


cool, keep it on the white.


honestly? I agree with bitterbunny. This design doesn't say anything. Pretending like there is some deep symbolic meaning is poppycock of the most profound kind. There are indistinct birds. There is the skull of Che Guevera. There are some dots, swirls and circles.

but hey maybe I'm wrong., at least 3 people think so.


Designs don't have to "say anything".

It's one thing to not like the design, and voice your opinion about it. It's another to be insulting about it, like Bitterbunny.


hasta la calavera siempre!!!!

I like this but I won't wear it in Cuba though!



stop "pretending" like we said it was symbolic...you two are full of it


I like skulls, they make me happy. $5


wtf.. i just did a skull che for fun... but it's too cheesy for a shirt so i didn't upload. not too keen on the overused elements stamped around randomly.


well...i like it :) $5


yes i second bitterbunny nothing original about this and there have been che skull submits before if your going to do a che shirt do something differnt dont use the same picture thats everywhere hes not only known for the revolution try doing one on him about becoming a doctor of epilipse what he did with those people was amazing


Way to make a mockery of one of the most prominent revolutionaries of recent history. This design screams "meaningless trend", and it's a shame that Che is represented in it. Bitterbunny is possibly one of the smartest commenters on this thread. Why would anyone use such an iconic image of Che if they weren't trying to make a statement? Che Guevara has a lot of meaning attached to his name, and you can't disregard that meaning for the sake of a buck.


I feel like some of these comments need obvious responses.

"This is supposed to be a mockery of trendwhores right? Right? Oh god... please say I'm right."

Sir? I hope so.

"Bitterbunny..until you submit work of your own...SHUT IT, you do not reserve the right to attack this design and or any other. So unless you can produce a "worthwhile" comment, back off"

Understanding elements of design and submitting shirts are in fact, separate things, and one can be capable of both, either or none.

"decent design but done to death.... thats a lot of 'Ds'."

This should give some of you a clue.

"Designs don't have to "say anything". It's one thing to not like the design, and voice your opinion about it. "

By wearing anything you make some sort of statement. It might be "I think this looks cool" but if you're going to put a picture, skull or no, of a famous revolutionary onto a tshirt you either mean to make some kind of point, or are a jumping onto a band wagon. Most designers consider themselves higher than that. Having said all that, I think it safe to say that birds, swirls, dots, circles and Che Guevara's skull do not a sensical statement make.

To finish I'm glad to see the last 2 posters have a clue. Also its worth noting that ohcursive has made many of the same points I just made.








ill give it one more shot....maybe I said a curse word.....In a nutshell, acting like you're "down with che" doesn't make you cool....STOP being dickheads and learn to give constructive criticsm

kate is a 4 letter word

knowing what he stood for or not aside, i'm tired of seeing che everywhere. i like the concept, use it on someone elses head.


Awesome Che Guevara Shirt I would Definitetly buy one this one is Beautyful :-)


i would buy it!!great job man!!


i have one thing to say after reading all the comment about this design. wow. I was never really into the whole che thing i knew peopel that were and knew about him. Because of teh che refrence i wouldn't buy this shirt...if it was just a regular skull i would I like the swirls n birds n things and the skull too...I jus tdont liek that feather :p But overall its a good design


i think its funny that the comments aren't even about the design anymore...
nice work man


agreed Daenja



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