Careful Threadlessers...

  • by Fermata
  • posted Jan 08, 2007

Don't get jumped when wearing this. Cute idea, but I'd probably get knifed if I stepped out of the door wearing this.

Watch this

not me. i live in connecticut:D

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I live in Suburbial Michigan. There are maybe 3 black people at my school, but assuming they'd be offended would be racist.


I live in a tiny suburb in Texas and my school is overrun with gang members. I didn't say anything about black people...haha. (It's the Hispanic ones you have to watch out for.)

j/k j/k. No. really.


i live in a small town in southern california called upland wiht a bunch of wannabe gangstas that would probalby not understand the irony of the shirt cause they are dumb.... but right now im at UC Irvine with i think 2 black people and 5 mexicans... me behing the whitest half mexican ever.... meaning ifi bought this shirt i think id be alright


blog was much worse. that shirt could easily easily get people killed.


This is true.


where abouts in tejas?



personally, I'm more scared than white people as compared to chocolaties.


I wouldn't wear this but out in the whitey whiteness oh my current neighborhood i would not get stabbed so much.

and pear some of my best friends are white people....oh wait...well they are..


Not wearing this through Hunts Point. Sorry. Indeed- it seems corny enough to even those sporting bootleg Bathing Ape.


hahaha... snoop went to my highschool.. and i roll past MLK and 21st all the time. Ill wear this around my HOUSE, but not at school.

Oh and fermata... the correct term, instead of knifed, would be shanked :]


whoa, I live where you live, drum-water! Small world... yeah, this would really piss people off where I live... not to mention it ticks me off... so I'm not getting it anyways...


I almost want to wear this shirt into detroit and see how many people stab me.


Actually, I could see black people from the proverbial ghetto wearing this. Trust me. I know more than a few who would think this shirt is cool to wear. They wouldn't think the photo was to hilarious, though. And somebody white walking through the 'hood wearing it might draw some mean looks. Hell, even in a non-ghetto, middle class black neighborhood they wouldn't be too happy with that.

I sort of like that whole "Why can they say n**** and I can't? Whaaaaaa!!!" ... Sorry

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this shirt has nothing to to with this new stabbing fad. i was stabbed three times last week and i wasn't even wearing any clothes.

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and yeah, i showed this to one of my brown hippety hop buddies and he dug it.

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then again, we don't really have ghettos over here


and yeah, i showed this to one of my brown hippety hop buddies and he dug it.

Like I was saying... This would be a way for them to "keep it real". But on someone else, it comes across as mocking. Not saying it actually IS mocking, but...


seeing as i live in a suburb of connecticut that thinks they're 'ghetto', they'd probably ask where i got the shirt, rather than jumping me.

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Do only black people live in ghettos?
If so, I need to inform my mom to move.

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all the folks that would be likely to stab someone over a tshirt are probably carrying stolen handguns... so, you're more likely to get shot, I guess.

Most people from around here would probably think that "Ghetto" is a tiny fishing village.

chemi hydro

I would cut you
shirt or no shirt
you would definitely get sliced


Perhaps if they were to make a series of shirts with this theme it would solve the problem:

"Welcome To the Barrio" - with a bouncing '75 Buick Regal, a chromed-out bicycle and a guy pushing a cart selling corn on the cob with mayo and red pepper in the outline of the letters

"Welcome to the Trailer Park" - with a meth lab, a car on blocks and couple duking it out over a pack of Lucky Strikes

"Welcome To the Sectarian Violence Zone" - with an exploded bus, a guy with a belt loaded with sticks of dynamite and a five year old with one leg

Please, someone get to work on these so we can end the multiple discussion of this one shirt. These are all whimsical iideas, just like this one.


yay detroit!

...i dont think i'll be buying this.

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i'd wear welcome to the sectarian violence zone.

chemi hydro

One of the oldest slogans I still have in my list (even though it hasn't fared well) is

"Vacationed in the barrio and all I got was this lousy knifewound"

it's supposed to have a little bloody rip built in


WOW where do you all live?!

do any of you live in any of the major metropolitan areas of america?!

do you think a gangster would walk up to you, examine your shirt (look at all the pictures in the words) and decide to shoot or stab you?

jesus christ! think about what you're saying!

and you people that claim you're from the city... where are you actually from? some random suburb where the population is 95% white?

goddamn you ignorant bastards, go live in the inner city for a couple weeks.


... jk i like koreans. just not you.


Sectarian Violence Zone shirt FTW!!!!


I live pretty close to Dallas/Fort Worth. Most of the gang members around me are unaffiliated.

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