Little Bo Peep's Cheeky Sheep

Little Bo Peep thought she lost her sheep, but the cheeky thang was behind her. On Classic Pink or Jade.

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Pink Apple

Little Bo Peep thought she lost her sheep, but the cheeky thang was behind her. On Classic Pink or Jade.

Dunder Mifflin

I definitely like the wrap around on pink better, easier to understand too.


wrap around is sweet!


wrap around in pink please.
its darling.


green grap around, a little larger


where's the fucking hearts?


wrap around pink, at least bigger, and possibly higher? but bigger might solve my issue with low placement. very very cute.


I like the pink wrap around but I would make it so that lil bo peep is a little less left of center, and make the distance between her and the sheep longer, so its more of a surprise on the back..


i like the idea a lot. but i just don't dig how the sheep's drawn...


Wrap-around, definately. Perhaps a bit larger though.


Why is she wearing gloves, but no shoes?

Pink Apple

She looked a lot more innocent with the bare feet & gloves. I originally drew this on paper and played around with/without gloves/shoes etc. Thx for feedback everyone ^-^


pretty..wrap on pink is the best


i agree with Goddessalien... i love the wrap-around, but I wish it was bigger

Pink Apple

^ if you click on the pic a couple of times, it will zoom in a bit. Thx!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

funny sheep...heh


I love this shirt! The sheep's expression is great. Makes me think of being a kid and hiding on my mom in the clothes racks at department stores.


i'll just reitterate wrap-around and bigger. I'd like to see bo peep closer to the center at least so when it's actually worn, she's more on the front


The sheep is pretty ugly, and I thought for the longest few seconds that Bo Peep was riding her pole (if you know what I mean) and that's why the sheep was laughing. -_-

Pink Apple

Maybe it's just me that's noticed, but adult sheep actually ARE kinda ugly Sheep I can do the regular cute-sy sheep, but I thought he was adorable in his own way ^-^


wrap-around. definately! $5


The sheep looks as if it is about to be sick.


good idea, stick with wraparound. but i think it just needs finer details.


I'd buy it!! In the pink too :D 5 for you


The sheep kind of scares me... but the wrap around is adorable, concept-wise.


Well executed and very clever.
Bo Peep looks like those old fashioned cartoons/buttons my mother had when she was young.
I like it on the green.


Oh and wrap around for sure.

Pink Apple

Thanks everyone! =^..^=

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