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After Rwanda and the filming of Hotel Rwanda the world said never again. But another genocide is happening right now in Darfur located in the Sudan in East Africa. With our two hands we can make a change. Love. savedarfur.org - The Love Movement

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This is kind of like the "lovely" shirt


If printed, it's a way to get a message across. But this design would be so much better if Threadless was backing it. Like with the Red Cross loves competition. Unless of course the winnings will be donated. But Threadless still might not be the best place to aim for that through a design.


positive message. will you donate if you win?


print it we donate all the money to saving darfur. we donate money from our artwork to a village in benin. stop typing start doing.


I really like this a lot. It makes it even better that it is sending out a great message!


for a good cause!


love it, will be buying some when its printed


I like shirts with meaning.


love it.more shirts need to be designed to display messages like this one.


We need some more love and compassion in this world.


Good message and this is actually a pretty cool design. Keep up the good work.


strong message with very nice design. i hope threadless prints this and donates everything. threadless, here is the time to do good!! =)


How about I type and do?

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I'm always a fan of design that has substance and I like what you are trying to do here. However, I really don't think that the design works well enough as is. You could have made a stronger visual statement if the arms were of different colors, moreso if there were idiosynchrasies that made more direct connections to the concept.

Right now I think that this relies way too much on the "save darfur" armpatch to get the idea across.


thanks for doing, the image is from one of our art pieces it's kind of our way of thinking with our two hands we can make a difference. design is a tool to communicate an idea, getting the idea across is the major issue. spread love, it is safe to spread. thanks to all for the positive notes, and we are glad we could raise some awareness even if it is on threadless.


I'd love to buy this, i hope it gets printed. We talked about the issues in Darfur in my ethics class this semester- Horrible stuff happening but this is a fantastic way to promote awareness and help out. Great Job!


I'm teaching in my evening class all about darfur. The kids wrote letters to the UN and to pres bush about how at 10 and 11 they feel about the genoside going on over there. We studyed the Holocaust before this so they had a better understanding that you should never forget or history will repeat itself. that even though you might not forget others will and things like whats going on in darfur will continue to happen. I love this shirt and if its printed I will send out the link to my kids parents so they can buy them. EXCELENT message, EECELENT desgin!!!


I'd have scored it higher had it only had the "hand-heart".
Additionally it would appeal to a broader audience without the Darfur arm patch.


It would be more symbolic, maybe, given the theme, if one or both hands were brown. It does mess up the "everyman-ness" of the hands (or at least one of them), but I imagine that most people are like me in that their first impression of the uncolored hands is "whitey." It'd be much more striking if one of those hands were Sudanese.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, I dunno. $5, anyway!


Tell me when it comes out. I'm buying this.


hundreds of thousands of people are massacred, have to leave there homes, little support from the world and you worry about the color of the shirt being yellow. please go to blockbuster or on netflix watch hotel rwanda and let us know if the color of a shirt matters. if you need to 5 dollar check for the movie let us know we will be happy to send one out. who cares what someone looks like in the color yellow, make the shirt purple for all we care. is it really about that.....savedarfur.org


this is a design contest, so yeah, design kinda matters. great message, I'm all for getting the message out and I am constantly attempting to do my part...but if you're going to make snarky remarks to people who are simply suggesting a way to get more people to buy your shirt and make a difference, this isn't the place for you. That being said, it should be printed and I'll buy one if it is.


"Spread Love", and yet you're sitting on Threadless bitching out the first person who posts constructive criticism. It's a really great message, and I would love for more awareness of world issues... but your negative vibes contradict the point you're trying to make.


this is too political for threadless, but i admire the effort, and the design aint bad either, a bit out of place and i won't buy one because it has a heart on it. i think you can do better than yanking on heart strings to make the statement


after reading over the log, i think you ought to find another outlet for your rather distasteful political rants, however well-intentioned they may be


yes. yes. yes. yes. $5


is it wierd that I like the background more than the shirt?


I am confused, are you allowed to use the Save Darfur icon like that, just whenever you want? Or are you part of the company? If you are, why are you on this site?

Plus, I don't like your attitude towards people who don't like the design or shirt color. Other designs get the same comments and they have to deal, and just because the message you are promoting is good doesn't mean you should get any special treatment.

This whole thing seems mildly suspicious to me, especially the fact that you are using a good cause as a crutch to win with a design that isn't that good. The Save Darfur website already has shirts with the logo shown on your sleeve. I don't mind if you make a shirt for Darfur, just come up with a completely original shirt speaking of the tragedy there, not one that is half bitten off from the website.


this is so true


I would buy this if the proceeds were donated to Darfur.


I know it sort of goes against the "point," but I would be more likely to buy this shirt if it didn't actually say "Save Darfur" on the sleeve. I love your hands graphic. Color is good.


I agree with noneyobusiness. Will you donate the money?


yeah we will donate the money. in the picture is the village we support in benin. sorry for upsetting some with our views but we are just trying to get the point across spreading love.

the save darfur insignia is similiar to the aids ribbon, or the breast cancer ribbon, it is to draw awareness to an issue. or graphic is two hands coming together to make love.

the idea that with our two hands we can change the world - ben harper.

we win = 2,000 to save darfur.org
we win = we give the shirts away

this is nothing new we have already stenciled this shirt and gave 36 away at one of our art shows and donated money. take a peak at our myspace.com/tlmphilly


this is a pretty sweet shirt for a good cause. i would like to see 'save darfur' on the back centered.


Well with your word I say $5, an think that your bringing awareness about the genocide in Sudan, is more of what we need. Will buy if hopefully printed ;)


Nice design, good message. I'll give it high marks, but would rather see it on a different color before I'd wear it.




President George Bush:

Every day, the 2.5 million people chased from their homes in Darfur face the threat of starvation, disease, and rape, while the few lucky enough to remain in their homes risk displacement, torture and murder. Therefore, we call on you to do the following:

* Strengthen the understaffed and overwhelmed African Union peackeeping force already in Darfur.

* Push for the deployment of a strong UN peacekeeping force.

* Increase humanitarian aid and ensure access for aid delivery.

* Establish a no-fly zone.


Being the U.S. is kewl... if you get involved everyone hates you (Somalia...etc...) if you don't everyone hates you....

one unpopular military engagement(two i guess really Afghanistan and Iraq) not enough for y'all already?

also it worked out GREAT when we tried to "do something" in Somalia.

the African Union and (maybe) the UN by all means try to do something... US forces shouldn't go anywhere near this cluster fuck.

ummm ok...sooo anyways

yeah whats up with the logo if you are with the site ??? print ya'lls own shirts and sell them to people.


We are an art-crew based out of LA. We are not associated with Save Darfur . ORG, just a bunch of artists who do art shows in California and spread love.


any chance i can buy this on a tee?


most amazing shirt $5 x a million!!!!

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