World Peace

  • by calisota
  • posted Jan 02, 2007

A lofty goal but one to shoot for none the less.

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first to score.. and i like this..


I like. I'd buy it apart from one thing...where's New Zealand?

deepspacemonkey profile pic Alumni

World Peace? If there were world peace we'd all die of starvation, we'd drain all our natural resources at an exponential rate. The world needs a balance in order to survive. There absolutely needs to be good and evil. Too many hippies talk about World Peace but don't understand the reprocutions. As it is now, we as a planet need to eliminate about a billion people to get back on track. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


with %10 of usa's weapon expenditure the famine would end in the world ,you dumb monkey.Hey you already mentioned you are a monkey so;


hawaii doesn't exist either...


i think minkeyman just mad itself a lot of enemies......
4and buy. itd be a 5 but cant stand that blue. maybe lighter?


wups...i meant monkeyman. dude...iwanna TACO


aww it's cute, only it's missing stuff...


lol for sum reason it reminds me of the olimpics haha =D i like it tho =]]...


I like the concept, but I don't think it works as a shirt design. I feel it better needs to use the shirt's space.

Doc Scrooge

I like the concept and how you executed it. And I a disagree, I think it uses the tshirt's upper space fine.


i agree that the blue could be a teensy bit less intense, and if it were a lighter blue it would look more like a globe/map. i also noticed a few landmasses were missing. antartica perhaps? HOWEVER i still love it. great idea!




i like it a lot! i agree with what's been said about the shirt color and missing places.


spread the peace!


this is the coolest shirt i've ever seen. all i hear from that deep space monkey is a bunch of blah blah blah.


I guess it does look better with Antartica Missing. They're not really at war now, are they, so they already have the peace concept down...


Do u think Gearoge W Bush would get the message if I sent it to him?


pretty sweet shirt, if you make I'll buy it!

Buclkes and or Straps

thats alarmingly similar, i like it tho 4...cos its missing stuff


Hey nice t-shirt. $5

(Wanna know my politics? No? But they're REALLY witty and inspired by fantastic ethics! No? You sure? What was that? We're supposed to be rating t-shirts, not talking about politics? Huh? But this comment would look SO much better if I just- no? Okay..)

rwr2 profile pic Alumni

I like it! but I don't like the collors, 4.


The background color is to intence. I think a lighter color would make the rest of the colors really pop. Great desgin and great concept (I wish it would happen)


i like it a lot



I need two. $5.


DeepSpacemOnkey: That's ridiculous. How would world peace make us die of starvation and drain our resources? Do you know what "peace" means? It doesn't mean "America supports the world", and it doesn't mean "human reproduction goes out of control", it means an end to warring and violence. An end to warring and genocide doesn't exclude the possibility of other means of population control (and war is a very poor and immoral means of population control) or resource management. Yeah, it's definitely a better option that people and ethnicities around the world get slaughtered. Brilliant. I can tell you've really put a lot of thought into your position. Bonus points to you for compassion.




wouldn't it be nice?


pILAMY: so you'd wear it in a heartbeat, huh


i for one fucking love this. $5 for sureeee


If I was a hippie I would buy this - but I like bathing and shaving and I hate granola. I had to explain to my daughter why people have wars and i said this - wars happen when world leaders can no longer talk it out. It seems a bit brutish to me the war concept - but it is an inevitable part of human nature. We have not been able to avoid it since existance - so yes it is a very lofty goal. But Deep Space Monkey is sort of right in the area that war makes money. WW2 for example brought a lot to the suffering American economy. Wars is big business.

rowan brierbrook

I agree with the color and new zealand concepts. I also want to add that I'm not a fan of the huge peace signs. I'd like it better if those were a couple of smaller ones instead but I seem to be the only one with that opinion, and this design gets a $5 from me anyways.


New Zealand. 'Nuff said.


This shirt fulfills the dream of every beauty pageant contestant!


CANADA should have big signs


$4 Europe and Australia should be different colors and the shirt should be a bit lighter


peace is boring, it aint gonna happen so get over it
i love this design and we should all try to get along


peace is boring, it aint gonna happen so get over it
i love this design and we should all try to get along


2 things...lighter blue and add hawaii...$3-4...pretty cool though...good job!

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